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I love it J!
Well I for one think it's hot! Let us know how it goes. Claire
As long as it makes you happy J, thats all that matters here. Claire
The rumors of Paris losing her inheritance have been dismissed.,2933,291395,00.html
We have prohibited a few of our kid's friends from coming over for issues that include lying, stealing, fighting, etc.. I'm definitely concerned about them leaving their 5 year old home alone.. Perhaps you should google the regulation in your state that specifies the ages kids are allowed to be left alone, print it out, and leave it on their doorstep. Claire
I love them Conne. They're absolutely beautiful.
Portia has been married, yet claims to have known she was gay from the age of 15, and has only been open about her sexuality for 3 years.. She's gonna turn, just give it time.. Claire
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton But isn't the premise of this thread that the lesbian has turned? Like Susan Ross? "It didn't take." She may have, she may not have.. That's the point of the thread. Would you date a lesbian while knowing or at least thinking in the back of your mind that she may turn back... Claire
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton What about that hot one from The Real World Boston? She wasn't on the fence. In fact, it pissed her off that people thought she was. I never saw Real World Boston. I don't have much knowledge or experience with lesbian relationships, but it's always seemed to me that it's the hot one looking around/experimenting and the butch/hardcode lesbian one sticking closer to home. The girl in Blockbuster was...
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