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Quote: Originally Posted by acl1 considered flipping these yesterday, but more common size (9 and 10) got sold out pretty quickly. Also the price jumped from $520 marked down to $260 to $554 to $277, small people should jump on this. Anyone know how these MMM's run?
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 the pbj nc-005 will work. they wont fade at all. Thanks. How's sizing run for them if I wear a 28 in Dior's and 30's in FH BSP's? I also see that they're unsanforized, so what's the expected shrinkage after they hit water?
Quote: Originally Posted by KingNC from what I've read MMM sneaks run tts and I'm usually a 44 so wondering how these particular ones fit and if a 43 would be too small? anyone got experience wearing these ones: Woah, these are like the Ninja sneaks I always wanted. Where to kop at a discount?
What's a good pair of dark slim, low rise indigo jeans that I can kop that won't fade as fast as my FH BSP's and Sammy's. I'd like a pair that I can always go to whenever I just need a dark/unfaded pair. Do IH301's qualify?
Quote: Originally Posted by A Fellow Linguist Maybe I can help? [[SPOILER]] Sorry for the mirror pic, too dark outside. Same old shit, anyway. Toj no name cashmere scarf schneider band acne nico Things yelled at me today include, "Nice boots, bro!" and "What sex are you!?" edit: willy (I think?) please don't add this to the toj gallery. Some dude from highschool saw the other pic of me on there are called me out on facebook. Kinda weird. I actually don't...
Quote: Originally Posted by Simplicio I haven't yet seen these boots discussed on SF. They are not cheap, but they do look good to me. Casual, but not faux lumberjack. Thoughts? More pictures at Ron Rider's site They're discussed plenty here on SF. He's got quite a following on the MC side. He's also one of the best I've seen at antiguing dress shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by skywalker anyone know how long diors will be on sale at barneys for? I wouldn't wait much longer. I picked up two 28's MIJ indigo, and a 28 MIJ black. According to the sales person there's only 1 28 left in the country and most non-fat sizes are almost out. I have a question though. Is it normal for Barney's to change sales tax for an out of state person? I've never had that done to me before when ordering from...
Quote: Originally Posted by Surreal Again, harsh comments and no true advice...what a surprise. How are we supposed to recommend anything when we can't even see the coat? I see a black jacket with no details other than a hood.
Quote: Originally Posted by snowmanxl diff camera angle as (strongly) suggested.. [[SPOILER]] i think they can work tucked/untucked..look how wide they can get This is your best fit yet. Great work.
Quote: Originally Posted by nahneun The mids look pretty bad compared to the lows...:\\ That's what's been keeping me back from kopping on the website. whatever happened to the lows. One minute they were on the site and then they weren't. I was looking to cop the grey GAT's =/
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