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Well, I was going to go that stark with black pants and brown shoes. I have an Emporio Armani 2 button salt and pepper colored suit. it's basically white/black really really up close, but from a foot away it looks grey/charcoal. I understand that grey attire & brown shoes work well. But am I committing a sartorial sin by wearing shoes with the aforementioned suit? In addition, I have a predominantly grey shirt with black diamond detailing. Regardless of pant...
Can anyone else comment on the quality/construction/fit of the shoes, specially the black captoes?
Quote: Originally Posted by thinman Whenever I see someone well-dressed, man or woman, I compliment them. It costs me nothing and just might brighten their day. Agreed. I enjoy the feeling of being complimented and would feel selfish if I didn't express the same appreciation when others dress well.
Is it ever proper to wear brown shoes if one has a black piece in one's outfit? Or is one limited to black/grey/white shoes the moment any black color is used? If it is proper, what shade of brown would best work?
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