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Quote: Originally Posted by robertorex hah, it's just that feeling of "oh I would have gotten that if I knew I could have " I guess the lesson here is that it doesn't hurt to ask... The option was clearly stated in the ToJ thread. Do your research. Additionally, most people can't have the option as its only available, as per the thread, for DR's sizes 46 and smaller. So unless your sized 46 or smaller, you wouldn't be 'missing out'.
Quote: Originally Posted by uNiCoRnPriNcEsSx so i am not forever alone. DR arrived and I am fox fur is DOPE. i like this jacket so much i'm going to be buying either this same style or the next design in horsehide. This makes me so damn glad I sprung for the extra $100 for the fur collar
Quote: Originally Posted by Lupo These are size 40s for about $200 shipped (I am an 8-8.5...41/42) If you pass let me know. Not trying to convince you otherwise but CP's run narrow.
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Is the 36R the super slim line? and how much do you think a tailor and take up the length of the jacket before it hits the pocket?
Quote: Originally Posted by shibbel I knew he was kidding, it was you that threw me off btw, all the blue vandals are gone, I copped the last (a 41) for snowman. Well, it's good to know he got it then as I was about to pull the trigger but chickened out at the last second.
Vandals in navy or Velcro High Tops in navy/black
How do you size Raf velcro sneakers?
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Quote: Originally Posted by rineldy best price?? may i know the P2P shoulder + sleeve inseam measurement. thank u. P2P is 19.5" Sleeve is 26" It's all listed up top in the quoted section with the other measurements.
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