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Drops on the Bally's & the Fratelli Rosetti's!
Prada Nylon Navy Bomber sold & some drops
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six Baller alert: someone is selling a pair of Lobb double monks in the fairly rare navy museum calf. UK8. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=228602 Quote: Originally Posted by drmmr His pics don't do the shoes justice. Sick pair. I already regret having to let these go, especially at a fraction of the price I bought them for at retail. Anyone know how to stretch feet?
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! So close on the Chapels bro... why oh why are you not an 8.5 on that last?!??!?!? Quote: Originally Posted by davesmith oh man! those chapels almost made me fall off my chair Sigh believe me, I'm crying inside that I don't fit these. I've kept them around praying that my feet grow but alas, no luck. I wonder how long these will last given the steal of...
Well, since I'm moving to a new place where my closet space is cut by literally 3/4's, it's time to downsize my closet. Most of these pairs were sized incorrectly as I had gone on a purchasing spree upon joining SF (part of the right of passage I suppose). First of all, I'm OCD about taking care of my shoes. Most pairs, except for the Lobbs, come with their original box, bags, and most with their bundled docs (as a kid, I always kept all the instruction booklets, ads...
Schneider Blazer sold and shipped to Hendrix. 4 items added: Corpus Raw Denim Prada Black Label Nylon Bomber Nom De Guerre wool blazer Emporio Armani Sneakers
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide They are described as white by Yoox, but they do not look white to me. They look creme... everyone be sure to post when you get your shoes. I'm really curious about how today sorts out.. Just confirmed on the phone that they're not in case people are wondering. They're an off white.
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