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Quote: Originally Posted by g transistor the coat Who makes this jacket and what model is this?
Any updates on the DR production chain. Pushin' 6 weeks now and I'm dyin'. Been told 'ships this week' twice for the past two weeks now. Aeglus' coat rack just pushed me over the edge of sanity.
Quote: Originally Posted by kinggimp got the delivery of my all white low's from yoox this weekend. they're an off white, though, almost like a very light gray. I suspected as such and called Yoox to verify to which they did. Thanks for confirming. Saved a friend of mine the hassle of a return.
Quote: Originally Posted by dreamtripper You can use a tongue pad or an insole to try and get a better bit. However, unless you're only trying to correct a sizing issue that is a hair off, you might be unhappy with the results. Certainly worth a try though. I have a pair of Edward Greens that's a half size too big and they are oakyish with an insole but they are a secondary shoe so it doesn't bother me too much. For shoes in my primary rotation, I'd...
Having a few pairs of both, I have to say that EG -> G&G is a substantial upgrade in my lay opinion. However, I can understand if people are drawn towards EG's more conservative designs, but I don't think subjective opinion alone on the shape/design of the shoes should be an argument for EG -> G&G as a lateral move.
3 beautiful new pairs added! Lobb Phillip II's G&G Harrows Santoni Jadwin Double Monks
I have a few pairs of dress shoes and boots that are roughly a half size too large. What are somethings I can do to make it fit properly?
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