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I have a ToJ Double Rider black lamb leather jacket in a stock size 46 for sale. I've worn it exactly once to try on before realizing it doesn't work with my wardrobe (I'm mostly MC these days). Get a pristine Toj DR 2010 without the wait for only $650 $600shipped to CONUS. 1 time price drop - now $600.
I have a TOJ Double Rider in size 46, black lamb I'm considering selling.
So $270 from Tres Bien is usually the best deal around? Btw, if ordering from them, do I get hit with customs if I live in the US?
I'm looking to purchase a small Stark in black (or navy as a second choice). I've noticed that the Mr. Porter sale is over but does anyone know if this item goes on sale regularly and if so when or where would the best place to shop would be? Also what's the normal sale price for this piece?
Quote: Originally Posted by PipersSon ^^ What happened? Is it something you plan to mention on the feedback thread? Would be good to know what and who. Sent echeck via paypal, pressured me to send items asap (which I didn't and held until it cleared), check didn't clear, never heard from him again. He's a 1st time poster which raised some red flags. Anyhow, more drops!
Loafers back up with price drops after a buyer attempted to scam me.
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