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Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Only Myke is approved as yet ? el Greco got in as well. waiting for Lufty, NYR and Vox now.
+1 I've seen him in Boglioli as well. The blog A Suitable Wardrobe did a write up about world leaders and their tailors. He also wore it to his wedding in 2008. But he did wear a blue Prada to his 2007 inauguration.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kentishman You'd be better posting your question over here. EDIT: I think you can deal with Yoox safely - they are a large, well-known, reputable company. +1 these are real Evisu but this is their international line. Apparently made in Italy. Compared to the Japanese Evisu, these are not on the same level. Same company but you are buying a "wholesale" product. Kind of like Levi's 501 red tab and other Levi's.
what about spectator shoes if you have them?
it will look like this
Quote: Originally Posted by Wes Bourne This karaoke pic will help you secure the azn votes. It also gives hope that you will not freeze in front of Today Show cameras. Brilliant. Got my AZN vote! hahaha Good Luck Lufty!
bump for a great seller! Thanks again!
^hahaha yes! "THE Legendary Edith Head". When will Hollywood ever see someone like that again!
PM sent
Congrats again Ed. reserve a gray trousers and birdseye flannel for me! Can't wait for you to post the new colours as well.
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