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If not, you could buy regular cufflinks (good quality at lower prices) and have a jeweler convert them into chained links. Just make sure one of the ends fits through your cuff holes. It's gold so it shouldn't bee too difficult for a jeweler to do.
I think you are talking about the skull and crossbone broguing correct? If that's the case, you are thinking of Barker Black. It's their higher end line.
interested. Could you post measurements and if possible pics?
PM sent
It's located on the third floor above Helios. He used to have a shop on the main road but moved up there for bigger space. His name is Mr. Bae and he and his son speak a fair bit of English. As with anything in Korea, come armed with knowledge. The more you tell them what you want, the better you'll be satisfied. (Itaewon exit 2?) walk past the Hard Rock Cafe store and keep going until you pass the light. As for Sfers in Korea? Never met any.
As I read the threads on Austro/Hungarian shoemaking , I became curious as to what the they actually call the styles of shoes that we purchase. Most of the shoes mentioned in threads follow British naming conventions; oxfords, derbys, chukkas etc. I was just curious as to what the equivalent (if any) was in German and Hungarian? This is more for curiousity sakes. Kind of an analogy to this is the British/ N.American differences such as Turn ups/pant cuffs,...
Quote: Originally Posted by quasky Was thrifting the other day and found a pair of Florsheim Imperial monkstraps that fit to perfection. Only problem is that they haven't been particularly well cared-for, and some of the leather on the vamp is cracking. Anything that can be done to prevent the cracks from getting any worse? Or at least make them less visible? Yep! there are ways to help these shoes. clean them and apply a conditioner to help...
I see what you mean. I've used London Tailors in Itaewon many times for inexpensive suits and have brought most of my co-workers there for their suits. I had a Hugo Boss that was one and a half size too big for a friend. They took it and re fashioned it for him. Work was excellent. I guess if you give them a lot of business, they will do this type of work.
Quote: Originally Posted by parkwinesguy Hello, I'm a newbie here today and have a question of my own. Please disregard the lack of decorum on how to post within this thread.....I recently purchased a pair of brown Mephisto Galdino wingtips. The leather is of a type that I don't know and so I'm not sure how to care for them. The closest descriptor I can give is 'oiled'. Can anyone identify what type leather it is and suggest care instructions? Thank You...
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