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Just wanted to say really nice buttons. I ordered on April 20. Arrived is Korea seven days later! Really fast delivery. Package was well wrapped and every button was in perfect condition. Thanks again Sean for your prompt service.
Interested as well. should fit. Love to see what you have to offer.
Cravate_Noire is an excellent seller. Very fast response to enquiry and package arrived well wrapped and safe.
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu you have any nexus ones or heros in stock?
^^^ Salsalocust, are they on the 337 last? Could they be on the 358 last? They look similar to style 5478.
crap. Jacket shoulder is just a bit too small for me. I'm out. very nice though!
Want to say thanks to Mike540 a great seller. Excellent communicator and items arrived extremely fast and as described. Recommended seller. not spam. good! Well the shoes from oshitate are full bespoke by Koji Suzuki (I heard the waiting list for shoes by him is insane). To get something similar you'll probably have to go to Northampton to fine a cobbler that does bespoke shoes. Alternatively I would try to contact Nick at He may be able to help you with this. As for the french shoe, I'd take a nice short holiday to France (just not right now though)
Guess I'm bored and may actually be responding to but if this isn't the case....SERIOUSLY??? you have a whole shoe industry in your backyard! Look here to start.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jupiter Room I really like daehangno as an area to meet people and drink, but where do you find mens clothing here? I've seen loads of small boutiques with pretty nice looking womens wear, though. Care to elaborate on Boon the Shop? I'm starting to think that Seoul is an overprice fashion wasteland. Guess the only things to do here is get drunk, chase k beezies and study? :/ Agree with you here. As with...
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