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^ Not too sure why...but most OTR 42 I've seen sold in B&S state chest measurement as 44. So wouldn't it be that if my chest measurement was 44" I'd buy a 42 sized jacket? Just going by my experience.
my bad...
read this thread. then check the Syms ties.
I think the most important thing is to know your body measurements neck size, sleeve length, shoulder length, chest size, waist size, inseam etc. A competent tailor should be able to provide you this info. Don't buy because of a brand. It may be a very expensive mistake. knowing your body size will help you in choosing a suit that will actually fit you with minimal alterations if necessary. Remember, for OTR, to size down one from your actual chest size. So a chest size 42...
Thanks for your response. I know that David Hober takes a lot of pride in his creations and so reading what he wrote just had me thinking.
Overall, better. Still too much break for my taste though and I prefer cuffed trousers. I'd also button all 4 of the sleeve cuff buttons.
^+1 cute avatar BTW OP.
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow Despite all the advice you will ever hear on SF about construction, quality, value, and brands... this is the only thing that matters +1 In the end, if you don't like it, at least you're only out $20. (my math: Dickies were free but should be valued at $10). Besides, if this is your first suit you can experiment with tailoring and learn more about fit and cuts and alterations before doing it on a...
I pretty sure a lot of people here wear glasses. However, your post is quite vague and knowing nothing about you, who could offer advice. Have a look here as this seller is a former optometrist and hopefully you can find something "with personality".
it's stated UK8F, so about US9D. F on the Capital last translates to about a normal/regular width (UK-E width, US-D width)
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