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bought stuff from Kolecho and Tweedydon. Amazing fast service and as described! Tweedydon, thank you again for the jacket!
Quote: Originally Posted by King Leer I wish I could afford alot of this stuff! my sentiments exactly. Never really checked out the frontpage before. Very nice stuff!
interested. post them please.
Yes, that's what I was looking to know. I'll still look into the summer sale as well. Thanks for your replies.
thank you
I searched the forum but no luck. Does any one know when (if ever) Edes and Ravenscroft has a sale? I know other UK merchants have sales and TMLewin has a perpetual sale, but I have never really seen them have one. Thanks
2 raincoats? 2 heavycoats? do you need two of each? I think one would suffice for your first month and then forget the heavycoat buy one there. You're going to start a new wardrobe anyways.
I don't think that Dainite soles will be particularily good in the winter, especially the snow that you can get in Montreal (from there). It tends to be slippery in snow and ice. If the city shovelled and salted the walkways then yes. If not, you could be sliding. Also none of the leather boots mnetioned are "winterized". You would have to use SnoSeal to waterproof them. Have you looked at Alfred Sargent boots? I can't recall the price range, but from what I've read...
So Doc a jacket 42R would have an allowance of maybe 2 to 4,depending on cut, am I correct in thinking that?
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