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^ +1 "unkonventioneller Luxus" better to stick with conventional affordability.
Wow Nick, interesting. Thanks for that tidbit. Cutthroat businesses everywhere!
sleeves are too long, and remove the elbow patches. I'd like to see the back as well.
^ touche. I guess I do anyways!
for under $60 pretty good deal. Looks similar to the line BB has with their "rugby/football" sport shoes.
thanks Fritzl! Yes I was lazy, should have searched it before posting. I just saw Furo's topy in this thread Much nicer!
Quote: Originally Posted by IBJanky My cobbler was originally going to dye the entire sole black to match the Topy, but I told him to leave the rest of the un-topied sole alone and not to dye it. Looks better this way I think instead of having the entire sole dyed black. myke Just curious, as with a variety of rubber/rubberized products out there in a multitude of colours, does not one of these companies produce a product that approximates...
I ordered their Prince of Wales collar, double cuffed but regular fit only because they don't have any of my neck size (17 1/2 taking into account some shrinkage). I prefer no darts anyways and the seamstress I use can trim it in from the sides including reducing the sleeve diameter. Word of caution for some who purchase from other countries other than UK, US, EU leave the price in Pound Sterling. I made an error once by switching to US dollars and my bank in Japan...
try contacting member downwithianbrown . He had a rain coat from Ralph Lauren that he put up on ebay. Here's the old ebay listing . Doesn't look like it's been sold yet so you never know.
Yep code still works! Just ordered shirts from them. Nice prices!
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