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here you are Ranker. Read up. For those that want to know, cedar is questionable as only the oil of the eastern red cedar is known to kill young larvae but not older larvae and is needed in strong concentration (although I'm not dissuading you from using it) . I have used Cy-Kick and it kills the larvae and adult clothing moth. D-Force HPX is another brand that supposed to work as well. Both are aerosol cans that...
Here are some pics of my first suit from Segi. Sorry about my stiff stance but had long day at work and was exhausted as hell (just wnated to go home despite getting a new suit) . I'll post some detailed pics of the coat and pants later. critique, criticize freely.
Makeover? Do you mean help you buy clothes? or are you talking about Korean Plastic surgery. i could probably help you with the first but the second, can't help you there. PM me if you want!
ugh. those are fugly! if you want something better built but for really cheap, I'd go with Rockport. At least they're washable.
I would research the but I have found dress shirts at for the actual shirts. the shirts are manufactured tie traditional way and have proper placket, fly buttoning, tabs for the back of the tie, different collars with different heights as well as all the accessories. Unfortunately no actual dresssuits there but peruse the site for lots of neat stuff. Good luck
hahahah thanks Bracemaker. I didn't realized you posted. There you are Maomao
Quote: Originally Posted by maomao1980 My tailor tend to make my shirts with too long sleeves that shrinks down to their proper size after two washes. I think arm bands may come in handy in the initial wearings. Where to get them online? I bought mine from they're Saint George and are for 5pounds. However, I also bought some theatrical stuff from there so shipping wasn't more than the product. Bracemaker may know where to...
I think you're right about the US site not being able to do sales online. But the Japanese site and UK can. Unfortunately you have to reside in those countries to purchase there (at least the Japan site for sure)
I live and travel between Tokyo and Seoul and they are everywhere. Decent quality, similar in ways to Banana Republic and H&M in fashion but I find Uniqlo are a bit better quality in general. I can't say about online sales, but I don't think it wold be different from going in a purchasing it. Just know your size, they can be on the smaller side of things.
I have a pair from the vintage shirt company. Before I started with MTM/MTO shirts I would buy shirts 2L (in Japan) that fit my neck. However, the sleeves were too long but with these, things were in order. Comfortable but It was different at first. Now, when I wear those older shirts I don't really think about it so I never bothered to have them re-tailored.
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