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found old post on it but not lots of info about them. Anyone here own them? Thoughts? I saw a pair and was thinking about them. I just want info on what your experience ( if any) you had or what you thought about them. Not worried about whether goodyear welted, welted, blake or blake rapid stich (enough thread on those). Thanks! K.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Watching bespoke artisans or tailors working on a garnment or a bespoke shoe... +1 I went to visit my tailor today and he was in the midst of drawing a pattern for a new client. All these rules and squares and curved rulers but gracefully moving over the paper. very thrilling to see.
Quote: Originally Posted by sydneycentric why? Once you go bespoke, you won't want to go back to RTW!
haha. Right question, wrong time. :P
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyCrockett Awesome. I've heard you should never hang knit ties because gravity stretches them out badly. I read the same on this forum somewhere ( I'll have to search for the post) that you shouldn't hang any ties as it would stretch. Best was to roll it and just store it as such. Am I wrong? But the rack is pretty cool though.
Hey, nowhere did I attack you personally to warrant my personal name to be mocked. Fact checking should be done before making wild claims.
[quote=IndianBoyz;2319753]Actually Chinese copied them from us. QUOTE] You know, you should get some facts straight before making comments like this. Really, use Google, it is your friend. To clarify, neither India nor China "invented" this collar and was a product of Western influence. China most certainly did NOT copy if from Indian style of dress. To quote Wiki on the Nehru Jacket "The apparel was created in India in the 1940s as Band Gale Ka Coat (Hindi/Urdu:...
here you are Ranker. Read up. http://www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/PMG/PESTNOTES/pn7435.html For those that want to know, cedar is questionable as only the oil of the eastern red cedar is known to kill young larvae but not older larvae and is needed in strong concentration (although I'm not dissuading you from using it) . I have used Cy-Kick and it kills the larvae and adult clothing moth. D-Force HPX is another brand that supposed to work as well. Both are aerosol cans that...
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