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+1 just unbutton the jacket like your second pic. Kent, amazing that you kept them for over a year since your first post!! I thought that they'd have stretch by this time.
I think you could have stated this in your other thread that you started. Be as it may, you should do a search using the search function at the top here, and type in "what to ask tailor". There are lots of good advice that people have given over the years so I'd start there. Same with pricing and finding a tailor in your area. Just do a search
no, not a stupid question. I was confused with the acronyms first time round as well. WAYWRN is the What Are You Wearing Right Now thread. It's the first pinned thread It's on Part 2 now but you can find the first part here
Not sure who the tailor was but I know that the costume designer was Edith Head. Most likely she either used the studio's in-house tailors to create his suit, or outsourced it. If she did outsource it then there is a smallchance you could find the actual tailors.
heartless, A few years back Iammatt purchased Ugolini bespoke and talked about it in this thread Maybe you can PM him and see what he has to say. Just a thought.
Why don't you bring it in to your tailor where you had the other suit made. They should be able to adjust the CK to what you like.
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow They were some unlined calf-skin John Lobb loafers. I was in London and wore them in the pouring rain and made the stupid mistake of putting shoe trees in while they were still wet which warped the shape of the leather and waterstained it horribly.[/b] Another stupid question, I thought putting in shoe trees was okay and laying the shoes on their side to dry. It this not the case? How did the shoe...
Great Idea Claus. Would help me from searching threads after threads about shoe sizes. :P Count me in to help!
Excellent sale and feed back from Chobochobo and JMP Packaged arrived fast and items were exactly as pictured/described Thank you
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