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I'd forgo buying a few HB and save that money into a MTM suit. Go to a tailor with your HB suit that fits you the best and have them note the measurements etc. then you can choose a color, pattern you like or add extras to it.
These photos are from Mafoofan. as you can see it's shirred/grinze along the entire back below the yoke. hope that helps
Quote: Originally Posted by Svenn i literally once told a dry cleaner to her very face twice to take out the collar stays in my $100 shirt... she promptly gave it back to me the next day with massive ironing imprints of collar stays in the fabric. that's the kind of idiocy you're dealing with. thankfully the lemon + peroxide solution followed by a few machine washings got it out. Not to be an a-- when I say this, but why didn't you take...
don't own a pair but here are some pics from Gilwood when he was selling his.
^+100 to that!! This was a nice post to wake up to.
Just an FYI Those interested in purchasing TM Lewin Suits can use this code SUITS2 to get an additional 10% off. They say that it's until Monday May 24 9AM UK time.
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 If you like Tyrwhitt try TM Lewin TMLewin is also having a suit sale at the moment. They emailed this code to me for an extra 10% off . At checkout enter this code SUITS2 I got it yesterday and ends Monday at 9am UK time (or so they claim)
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi Christ. is this why the older members never answer questions seriously anymore? yep.
try what Softy did with his bag. Read this thread.
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