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Just curious, 8US or 8UK? Thanks
This is amazing Nutcracker. I'm planning to return to Japan to visit some family later this year. Care to meet up? I would be honoured to have you come with me for some fittings.
Nevermind. Found the post.
I remembered Manton mentioning this type of shoulder in a post but now for the life of me I can't find it. Is there a technical name for this type of shoulder? Thanks in advance for the help.
Badsha, sounds good with the brown edging and red lining if you can swing it. I should change to a size 7UK for a snug fit. Dainite sole. Although I won't mind if people decide on the York. No Victory sole though.
In for Size 8 UK dainite sole
Interested as well. Will need a size 8UK. Have people decided on the dainite or york sole?
Quote: Originally Posted by geoffmartin17 Any Koreans on this board able to proxy me some of those boutonnieres? -Geoff I'm in Korea and I'll have a look for those interested. I'll check with them and see what they have in stock. Price is about $22-30US according to the website. Give me a few days to get back to you. But honestly, what Manton says makes more sense, why not a real flower? Heck of a lot cheaper.
I'd forgo buying a few HB and save that money into a MTM suit. Go to a tailor with your HB suit that fits you the best and have them note the measurements etc. then you can choose a color, pattern you like or add extras to it.
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