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Maybe in on the 16"as well but depends on .price
Just curious, 8US or 8UK? Thanks
This is amazing Nutcracker. I'm planning to return to Japan to visit some family later this year. Care to meet up? I would be honoured to have you come with me for some fittings.
Nevermind. Found the post.
I remembered Manton mentioning this type of shoulder in a post but now for the life of me I can't find it. Is there a technical name for this type of shoulder? Thanks in advance for the help.
Badsha, sounds good with the brown edging and red lining if you can swing it. I should change to a size 7UK for a snug fit. Dainite sole. Although I won't mind if people decide on the York. No Victory sole though.
In for Size 8 UK dainite sole
Interested as well. Will need a size 8UK. Have people decided on the dainite or york sole?
Quote: Originally Posted by geoffmartin17 Any Koreans on this board able to proxy me some of those boutonnieres? -Geoff I'm in Korea and I'll have a look for those interested. I'll check with them and see what they have in stock. Price is about $22-30US according to the website. Give me a few days to get back to you. But honestly, what Manton says makes more sense, why not a real flower? Heck of a lot cheaper.
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