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price reduced $190.00
price reduced $120.00
Price reduced.....$130.00
Price reduced to $200.00
Price reduced....$140.00
Hi, Thigh measurement is roughly 12" measured horizontally to the crotch seam.
Jacket still available.
Jeans still available.
New Big Bengt Light Worn In jeans for sale. Size 31/32. For reference, I wear a size 30 APC NS & 29 APC Rescue. Nice cut and fade on this 14.5 oz jeans. Not widely available in North America. Asking $150. Details here: http://shop.nudiejeans.com/system/se...c=144&g=0&b=20 Waist measure 31" Leg hem is 7"
Price reduced $210.00 (shipping not included)
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