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Last reduction.....$25 shipped.
price reduced to $30 shipped.....anybody??
Price reduced to $275.
Price reduced to $35....shipped
Thinning hair can be a result of diet. Have you moved into a new area and thus drinking different water? Have you changed your diet? Perhaps your not getting enough protein in your diet. My suggestion is to get a complete checkup with some blood work. I'm not a physician but many people with thinning hair take zinc supplements because a lack of zinc in your system causes hair to fall out which makes your hair feel thinner.
I removed the comparison to Stan Smiths and posted pictures of the shoe with a tape measure.
A vintage black Versus leather belt for sale. Belt is all original with no extra holes punched. The leather is strong and durable with the Versus and Versace logo etched on the surface in a subtle manner. Belt is 1.5" wide and 39.5" long. Buckle is made of solid brass. As the belt ages, the silver finish rubs off showing the brass underneath; similar to old Leica rangefinders. Belt currently has 3 holes so the belt will fit anyone with a 31" waist or less. Paid a couple of...
These YSL's are also available..... http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=83145
Will this work for you? I can take out the tape measure to verify if you'd like. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=83144
Thanks to all interested, jacket has been SOLD!
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