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May everyone on this forum find clothing they need at a fair price. Best Wishes!
Shoes SOLD!
Hi, I have a small Nicole Farhi fall wool jacket for sale. Dark navy blue similar to pea coats in color, slim fitting and unaltered; completely original. Paid $350, asking $75. Send me a PM for pictures and measurements. I would classify the jacket more as a going out jacket because of the weight. Ray
Hi, I have a dark brown Nicole Farhi shearling jacket/coat for sale that would definitely keep you warm during the cold winters in Toronto. I'm also in Toronto so we can meet up if your interested. It's a medium which will fit anyone sized 40 to 42. Unfortunately, it's too big for me as I've shrunk to a size 38. Send me an e-mail at halcyonray at yahoo dot ca and I'll send you some pics.
Sorry don't have the RAW mesurements as I've washed and tumble dried the jeans a few times since new. However, from what I remember, the RAW waist for a size 29" Rescue measured 32.5" (jeans layed flat naturally) and 33" (if the jeans waist, front and back, is lined up evenly). Also, after washing, the waist, leg and length shrunk. Out of the dryer, the fit now is like a new pair of RAW NS in size 30; except the legs are not tapered. Hope this helps.
I bought a pair of Rescue's in size 29" waist and the inseam was between 36" and 37" depending how the measurement was taken.
Jeans look great on you....thanks for the pics.
Cheers Blee017.....looking forward to the pics
Hey Blee017, Thanks for the post. Just have a few questions regarding your APC's. Was there a lot of fading in the indigo after the soak? Did the denim feel much softer when it came out of the dryer? Did the waist stretch back to it's normal unwashed size (which you measured to be 15.5") after you wore your jeans? Thanks.
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