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$30,000.00 in gold. $25,000.00 in stainless steel.
I have for sale a rare IZOD LACOSTE Polo shirt embroidered with the America's Cup 1980 and 1983 racing yachts numbers. 12 US 30 Freedom - 1980 Americas Cup winner. 12 US 40 Liberty - 1983 ...lost the Cup to Alan Bond I've had this shirt since 1983 and it's been in it's package until today when I opened it to take the pictures. No size listed. Measures across the chest 20 inches, waist 20 inches, Neck 15½ and the length is 28½.....Color is Navy Blue. ~~~~ONLY FOR...
$50.00 for you spoo.
Never worn or knotted..measures 57 X 3½ inches. $65.00 SOLD shipped....payment by PayPal I'll eat the fees or mail me a check. Tie is only for sale until 5:00PM Monday July 4. Thanks for looking.. I've have a pair of Zolotas Sterling cuff links on eBay.
added to ebay auctions: cuff links Brooks Bros sterling silver lapis-carnelian Belair stainless wristwatch Burcherer stainless wristwatch Racine Yachting Timer
Lookin' good Spoo!...I'm happy you replied because I would have NEVER thought of this combination! I like it! Thanks. Thanks Edmorel...good call. Now to have a gander at your Panta trousers! Thanks Trini!!
j said, Pants are supposed to come to your waist, which is a bit below your navel. Does it make you feel better about yourself to buy the ones with a smaller number inside and then hang your gut over the top? Pants also are supposed to hang to the bottom of your shoe, more or less. No sock showing, no extra piles of fabric. It's really very simple. The waist on most people is above navel. And waist IS above the hip bone..What you are describing is wearing...
I bought this jacket a few years ago and never wore it. It would look good with a white shirt or black turtleneck, black pants and black shoes. My problem is I don't wear black shoes, white shirts ( could though ) or black pants.....I thought about a pair of light grey flannel pants, wine wingtips but am lost on a shirt. Any ideas would be helpful.
Brioni tuxedo 100% cotton shirt...17x36 with front pleats, pointed collar and turnback cuffs. Worn once..opening bid only $35.00 for a $600.00 shirt..
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