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I follow Andrea Luparelli on Instagram, i am a huge fan of his style. Glad to read that for the price of a Zegna RTW i can get a bespoke suit made. How much would a sport jacket go for?
Please tell me that blue double breasted RLPL is a suit with flat front pants.....
I have Allen Edmonds' i will try it/
Help guys, I need help on how to clean dirty insoles of my leather shoes. I find my feet "sliding" around in the shoes while i walk. The insoles are made of leather and cannot be taken out by the way. Thanks ahead
I am starting to have that problem now. Literally ALL my suits pants are looking like the OP's pics up there. Edit, I used a razor to shave off the wool stubble and it looks better. Be careful not to use too much strength and make holes on there.
Ditto, Singers are great recreations, but you can buy a whole LOT more fun with that 500k, many times over
Phcuk! This has to be the lot of ties ive ever seen from u Spoo
Sold for $38MHighest ever sold, sold for $52M
Yea, love the GTO. Whats the story on the one above?
[quote name="akatsuki" url="/t/17839/cars-we-drive/14220_30#post_7295651 Switching topics. Would buying a Ferrari 360 for 80K or so be a terrible idea?[/quote] Credit to Member "Barrister" from Teamspeed General Buying Advice Here is a list of general buying tips when shopping for your 360 Modena. 1. Demand to see the service record and maintenance history on any 360 Modena you look at. The first question you should ask the salesman is whether or not the car is due...
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