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Tags were removed for whatever reason but the inner white tag in the pant remains and appears to be a Zegna spa ( Gucci, Zegna etc..) made item. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=271313231021&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:US:1123
So decided to take the plunge with this look .... I'm sure you all seen this look in the magazines lately. Seems as if wearing no socks is the fashion accessory this season, this applies to suits too. I paired my look with a white/blue button down , 5 year old straight leg selvage ( APC) American Apparel oatmeal color cardigan and vintage cordovan wingtips (semi beat up but with character). Just curious how far off the top of the shoe the cuff needs to be? Are you guys...
At times I can see her stressed the fuck out. She sometimes hands off her daughter to her sister to babysit but I feel she hands her over becuase she can't take it anymore and needs to escape to my place for some R&R. I sometimes think she took on a load she couldn't handle, you know with a job, a household , and a kid. She says she want me in the picture to be a family but I think she want me around becuase she's shot, mentally and physically. My mother didn't know about...
I met my gf just a little over a year ago on match .com. It was my first time trying online dating and let me tell all you single guys out there, if you're looking to have "fun" check it out ( wink , wink) Anyway, she's hot , she's smart, she's loads of fun , but .....she has a 5 year old daughter. This is really where things get tricky. She told me about her up front but I thought she would be just another girl/woman and would last maybe a month or so until I got bored...
Is it a designer cloak? Bespoke or otr?
This has happened to 3 times in my life. Pretty much the same exact scenario like most here except for the " person" next to me. I felt the presence of someone beside me on all 3 occasions . The worst one was about 10 years ago, it was raining , I'd say about 3-4 in the morning. Woke up, sort of... My eyes were open but I couldn't move anything. The worst part was feeling someone next to me and for while thinking my paralysis was cause by " him" holding me down. To make...
Listen it could have been a Honda civic and the shirts from H&M I still would be ranting .... or maybe not .... BTW sone of these women are professionals .
^ because It was beautiful
If anyone has a story please share it so I don't feel alone.
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