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@spacepope your move toward looser pants is producing awesome stuff. very nice. would be interested to hear more about the cardigan. vintage hanten? @magicalporks i like this color palette and the extended silhouette provided by the long jacket. think it would be better without the bulk of the scarf, though. (or if you're just wearing it to get another color/layer in there, maybe just drape it around your shoulders inside the jacket without wrapping your neck?)
great page of fits, guys. so many successful variations on clean but relaxed tailoring.wow, thanks stitchy. and thanks everyone else for your comments. yeah, my roof deck is just normally more convenient than anything else, since i can pop up there on my way out the door. been keeping a lookout for more interesting locations, though.i'd say the quality is about what you'd expect from a mid-level brand. not designer-level, but definitely good enough, and not so precious...
no more words, only pictures now.close-up + boots: [[SPOILER]] cdgh+ aw98 rainbow tweed wool jacketour legacy wool sweaterhelmut moleskin trouserscdiem reverse leather boots
i'm late getting back to this, but a couple of quick thoughts on the discussion from yesterday: [[SPOILER]]
Some interesting responses so far. (And @KingJulien, I don't at all mind the diversions, which are interesting in themselves. I just wanted to say a couple of things quickly, then will respond in more depth when I get some more time tonight (currently on the road). @gettoasty I hope you know that I would never presume to tell you what's real and what's not, especially given your unique relationship to reality I also wanted to clarify-- in case it wasn't clear from my...
i thought i'd follow up on my part of the most recent wisfw post with some further thoughts about self-presentation and ambivalence about (caring about) style. i'd be genuinely curious to hear others' thoughts on the subject. i assume that for most of us on this forum, our interest in clothing is one aspect of a broader of interest in aesthetics and design. but while it's pretty easy to recognize and applaud the value of the latter, general interest-- after all, for those...
hmmm, have you tried many pieces? in my experience, most of the helmut stuff fits more or less tts (it varies just a bit by season). some stuff even fits slim. i'm a 50 and could size up to a 52 in several things if i ever found them. so it might be worth trying again. you can also search through some of the women's pieces, since they definitely fit smaller frames and are often quite unisex in design.
any walgreens-type place should have some waxed flat black laces. there's nothing too special about the laces he uses in the cuffs. although some may consider it sacrilegious, you might also consider just cuffing the sleeves to deal with the extra length. that would remove the dangling laces (which are sometimes cool, sometimes annoying), but you'd still have the criss-cross detail visible.
mok-- i love the colors on this most recent one of yours. the jacket looks like it's covered in lichen (in the best possible way).thanks, man! yeah, mostly ebay and y!j. just got to be patient and vigilant. also, it helps to have a secret collector connection
ha, no worries. there are two main difficulties. one is recutting the shoulder closer in to the body. it can be done, but requires someone who is skilled. this will be easier than it otherwise might be, though, since it's a soft/unstructured shoulder. the second difficulty is in shortening the sleeve. if the tailor shortens from the cuff, you lose some of the laced part. if he shortens from the shoulder, it's more difficult (and more expensive), and you run the risk of...
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