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@Synthese-- i happily eat my discouraging remarks about picking up that blue blue coat. looks dope. @robinsongreen68-- glad it worked out, man. i support the stockpiling of helmut camel coats for when the world's currencies collapse. @mbaum-- really nice way of using the long shirt.
this is why i go to our legacy for shirting these days. you should give them a shot, if you haven't already.
uniqlo used to be my go-to for button up shirts, but they seem to have changed their patterning/sizing in the past couple of years. the collar sizes are huge now, so i can't wear them any more (granted i have a skinny neck for my build, but the fit didn't use to be this bad). the fabrics also feel a lot rougher. their linen shirts are still great, though.
x-posting from the long coat challenge threadcouple more: [[SPOILER]] yohji wool coatour legacy wool scarfveilance goat leather glovesbarneys cashmere sweaterfrank leder heavy wool pantscdiem calf boots
couple more: [[SPOILER]] yohji wool coatour legacy wool scarfbarneys cashmere sweaterfrank leder heavy wool pantscdiem calf boots
thanks for all the comments, dudes.i picked up the jacket from a local guy last year. i've never seen this version elsewhere, but it's from fw98. the amount of cdg on the japanese markets is kind of overwhelming, but you might be able to find something similar if you're patient and enjoy sorting through.kg-- that looks awesome. one of these days we'll get an accurate count of how many sf-ers picked up that barena (i did, too ).spacepope-- brilliant as always. i had a pair...
a couple of recent ones cdgh+ rainbow tweed jacket folk woven cotton shirt levis jeans visvim virgils undercover jacket margiela wool sweater levis jeans visvim 7-holes
dope page, guys. everybody lookin real nice.yeah, man! i actually picked up this one and another after reading your recommendation. and i'm wearing the brown one again today. so cozy.heartened to see @Parker also aboard the budget cashmere train (and the proportions there look great).but don't miss the c4est for the cTree.
hmmm, it's an interesting post, but (without taking a stand on whether bobo should alter the coat) i can say from experience that it is absolutely possible to transform a jacket with relatively squared off shoulders into one with shoulders that are a more natural, sloped shape and that end closer to one's natural shoulder line, by removing the padding and sleeve head.things are undoubtedly trickier when you get into suit jackets/actual tailoring.
if you want a natural shoulder, you can also just open up the lining yourself with a seam ripper and remove all the shoulder padding. i've done this with several old cdg jackets, with good results. but beware that coats constructed more cheaply may use the shoulder seam stitching to keep the shoulder padding in place as well, in which case you'd also detach the sleeve by fooling around in there. it's an easy fix for your tailor to re-attach it, but that takes the project...
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