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@mementomoriarty thanks for taking the time to do this! what a great collection. styleforum should pay you an honorarium to put together one of these for each of the past 3-4 years (back to whenever thumbing started to be a thing). maybe even including 150 fits, since there have been some dope ones that didn't get the requisite number of thumbs. what do you think, @LA Guy?
sup x2. there's a good chance i'll be around. @conceptual 4est @nahneun when is the queens culinary adventure? maybe we can combine?
thanks for the thumbs, guys.@Benesyed i love the colors and feel of my schneider scarves, but their length and overall bulk can make them a real hassle to wear. have you been wearing yours outside your coat like that?@gettoasty top half looks very solid. i think some loose wool trousers or a different cut of jeans would look better for the bottom half, though. between the knee bagging, the slimness at the calves, and the lack of break, this pair doesn't complement the rest...
for when it's too warm to wear your scarstitch: (source: https://www.grizzled.com/listings/390515)
i've picked up a couple of vintage shirts recently, and this is one of my favorites...more detail: [[SPOILER]] dries moleskin coatyohji wool overshirtvintage wool shirt(zombie) helmut wool pantsvintage boots
i'd join
Made in Germany. Brand new with tags. Amazing fabric with multiple tones and colors. 100% linen (I think) that feels more like stiff cotton. Half-covered placket with fabric buttons. Tagged size medium, fits ~40/50. Condition: 10/10-- New and unworn. Measurements: Pit to pit: ~21.5" Shoulder to shoulder: 18.25" Sleeve from shoulder: 26.75" Back length (from collar base): 31.5" Fine print - Price includes usps priority shipping with tracking within the US; if you live...
made in japan. 70% cotton, 30% nylon. lined in warm wool fleece pile. riri zips. lots of details, including ma-1 sleeve pocket, zip-through funnel hood, and darting and seamwork throughout. tagged size 4, but fits slimmer than normal. imo, this would best fit a small who wanted a thick layer underneath or a slim medium who didn't want to layer heavily. 8/10 condition-- some minor general wear. measurements pit to pit: ~21" shoulder to shoulder: ~17" sleeve: ~27" back...
@sipanged by the bell: [[SPOILER]]
hmmm...i'm a fan of crepe-sole derbies, because they're really comfortable and because the sole has a thick profile. the apc's that i'm wearing in this most recent fit are crepe-soled, but they may be a bit too shiny for the stuff you normally wear.i think the thicker sole is the most important thing, since it balances out proportions nicely with looser pants. maybe something like these?:...
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