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the best cdg jacket in the best material-- black boiled wool. soft and warm, with a fit that is both relaxed and flattering. made in japan. horn buttons. marked size small, but fits well on 48-50. 7+/10 condition-- some light overall wear (but keep in mind that this was garment milled, so it looked worn in even when new). i also had the sleeves let out (to address the classic too-short cdg sleeve), so there's a light line around the cuff. measurements: pit to pit:...
100% wool. completely hand-knit, with chunky cabling along both sleeves and running up each side of the chest, wrapping around the back of the neck. the yarn is dark navy, flecked with red and lighter blue-- really nice. heavy enough to be worn as outerwear (see fit pics). 9/10 condition-- worn maybe five times. no signs of wear other than some light fuzzing. i believe this was tagged a size large, but it can fit a variety of sizes, depending on how you'd like to wear...
yeah, the green one seems to be some kind of soviet military coat. very heavy, unlined, felted wool with a perfect shawl collar roll and a cool dimensional fit. i'll try to post a fit pic once it's cold enough to wear it, but for now here's the terrible photo from the ebay auction: the herringbone coat is vintage aquascutum. heavy, thick wool, big lapels, with fabric that's like a bolder version of what's used in lemaire's owl coat:
cool coat. i kinda like the wrist straps. if you're gonna go the ribbing route, though, i'd aim for a color as close as possible to the coat's color (and the tailor should be able to make the ribbing as long as you'd like, so there's no need to add a third material to lengthen the sleeves).
it is definitely possible, and something i've done, but (1) your tailor needs to be pretty skilled, since re-cutting shoulders can be tricky, and (2) you'd need to be prepared to drop $150+ for the alterations (re-cutting shoulders, slimming sleeves, slimming body). in many cases, i think a better solution is to accept the oversized-ness of the coat and deal with blocky shoulders by ripping out the shoulder padding (this has always worked well for me on coats made from...
^unfortunately, that would be a bomber bolero on him (and on most people)
thanks guys. i've always found balenciaga outerwear impressive. this bomber is surprisingly heavy, and the hardware is almost comically substantial, which is great except when the zipper pulls knock into my hands/the table/anything else.sweet, glad it went to a good home!it's actually a thick boiled wool btw @ManofKent, i really like the proportions of your most recent fit. i hope you continue to play around with longer coats, as it looks great on your frame. (i'm not sure...
who would have thought sz's waywt thread would be where i *finally* discover my new ringtone? http://www.stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showpost.php?p=505576&postcount=47059
glad to see so many posters dropping back in. especially digging @The-Arm's fit. realized i was channeling vintage @snowmanxl today balenciaga wool bomber cdgh+ velcro placket shirt zombie helmut flannel wool pants foot the coacher creepers
made in nyc. 100% wool, 100% acetate lining. nice charcoal flannel with a soft hand. buckle back. straight leg fit. condition: 9/10-- no obvious signs of wear. measurements: waist: 17.75" rise: 12" thigh: 13" inseam: 32" (with 2" to let out) hem: 9.5" fine print - price includes usps priority shipping with tracking within the us; if you live elsewhere, please ask for a shipping quote. - please, no trade offers or requests for fit pics.
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