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helmut bondage/strap cargos, size 44, for cheap: http://page16.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/u67559118#enlargeimg
thanks! kind of from all over the place. i picked up the boneville and helmut pieces from ebay, the sunglasses from etsy, and the n(n) jacket from sufu. it helps to enjoy hunting around a bit (which i do).thanks man! this thing is a beast. the boiled wool part is super thick and warm, but the blistered leather on the sleeves is so soft, and the whole thing is lined in silky something (no tags, since it's a sample piece), so it kind of feels like being enveloped in a...
some fun things from the last few months. ready for the cold weather... boneville (by massimo osti) garment-dyed n-3b parka from the early 80s helmut lang fw99 moleskin biker pants oliver spencer patch shirt number (n)ine "the high streets" combo jacket vintage shades our legacy indigo rain jumbo shirt (@LA Guy-- i think you'd really dig this. it's a beautiful shade of indigo and it achieves the "rain" effect through (non-functional) sashiko...
i'm flattered, but also sad, since i'm sure you notified these people that your friendships with them were void, effectively immediately, as per styleforum's terms of service.
lemaire leaving hermès to focus on his own line: http://runway.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/07/21/christophe-lemaire-to-leave-hermes-axel-dumas-faces-his-first-real-test/?_php=true&_type=blogs&_r=0
@canstyleace that may be your best so far. i have some reservations about the texture interplay between the top and the bottom (the shirt looks very silky, while the pants look heavily textured), but these slightly looser pants give you a much better, more balanced silhouette than the outlier ones you've been wearing.
i have the same model of cdiem that are for sale in that thread and can confirm that a normal 42 can comfortably fit into a size 41 (with thin socks-- also, i don't have a high arch, which seems to be the make-or-break factor for many people sizing cdiem).
umm, disagree. this guy looks like your lame cousin who comes over for a family bbq and wants to try on some of your clothes as a joke, or some middle manager who takes his yearly bonus check to a boutique whose SAs are happy to take his money and tell him that these pieces will mesh well with his current wardrobe.what's so subversive about dressing poorly in very expensive clothes? happens all the time.
that technique is called "chimneying" nice job on the levers, btw
@wogbog those textures look great, even from a distancelike @snowmanxl, though a bit more remote and a lot less stylish:a couple more: [[SPOILER]] alternative apparel shirtgramicci loose pants[arc teryx harness, five.ten shoes]
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