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thanks dudes.yeah, just came in yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised that it fits basically tts.:-)thanks man. it's her favorite color, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. kinda took a risk on it, sizing-wise-- should find out tomorrow whether it works out.
a few things from recent monthsdetails: [[SPOILER]] dries van noten woven patchwork coat-- this is one of the most impressive garments i've handled (check the detail shots...my lord). the "patchwork" is actually woven together seamlessly. it's like a wearable tapestry, and about as substantial as a medium-weight wool rug.viridi-anne blazer-- this is my fourth v-a blazer. no other label fits me nearly as well, goth-formally.details: [[SPOILER]] undercover diaplex-- after...
they have an elasticated waist and internal belt, so sizing is somewhat flexible. i'm wearing a small and have a ~31" waist. the hem width on these is something like 7.75". the hips are narrow-ish, which is good for me but probably not as good for guys with more lower-body bulk. in deciding between medium and large, i think it would probably depend on how much volume you want in the legs/seat.
thanks for all the comments and thumbs, guys.haha, gooooood one.the construction on this is pretty interesting. imagine a single* large piece of cloth that is folded over a horizontal bar. the front and back halves are then stitched together at the sides, creating the side-seams, while leaving an opening at the bar for what will be the armholes. the sleeves are then attached to the open armholes. so there are only three kinds of seam--the ones at the sides, the ones...
@penanceroyaltea looking great, man. so many solid fits over the past few days. i'm also gonna spam you all with another one. i just picked up my sasaki mud-dyed jacket from the post office and threw it over what i happened to be wearing. i'm pretty stoked with this thing. sasaki-yohinten handwoven jacket uniqlo linen shirt gramicci cotton pants centre commercial suede creepers
happy to see this thread picking back up with the cooler weather... junya moleskin jacket (thanks jww!) uniqlo shirt levis m&c sashiko pants visvim suede boots
i....just bought the mud one.thanks for the heads-up, guys.edit-- for reference: [[SPOILER]]
bene, these elf shoes are not working with the schneider fits you've been posting. it would be much better to opt for a derby in smooth black leather with a thick sole. (the thick sole would help to balance the other proportions.)
and also, thankfully, a state of body:
bene, i can still see your gats. what kind of sick prank is this?
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