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@StanleyVanBuren that's the best-fitting pair of pants i've seen on you. @el Bert color of the coat looks very nice. would work better with a different color sweater, i think.
kopped. thank u 4 posting
ooh, i really like this one.
another life tapered. a moment of silence, please.
yeah, looks like a pretty standard mac. unless the fabric just blows you away in person, it's hard to see the particular appeal. minotaur stuff looks cool in general, though i wish their long jackets were...8-10" longer. even the pockets look like they'd be hard to get your hands into without bending your elbows a lot.
yeah, this reference puzzled me at first, too. i think in our small corner of the fashion community, lemaire's relaxed/slightly oversized looks may stand in for the larger trend.yeah, i agree that dressing according to algorithms is something that's always been around, and for good reason (even just to have some associations in your head about which things tend to go well with which other things, plus the subcultural-association stuff you mentioned). i'm not sure why choi...
i wanted to follow up on this and expand a bit on my post from last sounds like this look may be more prevalent in sweden than in nyc, but you definitely see it here a lot, too.i empathize with being annoyed or bored by various fashion trends, especially when (1) your eye gets tired of seeing the same thing on lots of people, (2) it seems like a sizable chunk of those people have just copied whatever the "hot look" is, such that there is no interesting...
looked cool then. looks cool now.
helmut alpaca chesterfield on grailed, size 46. mmmmmmm:*
yeah, definitely not now. at the time, there were no leder stockists in nyc, and patron was carrying stuff like reinhard plank and denis colomb, plus some accessory makers using neat textiles. but they're at a *very* expensive location (i'd guess ~$70k/month?), so they've become something more like patron of whatever sells
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