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seriously, look at the awkward length on this. and look at how high the pockets are: a different style, but the fabric on this one looks excellent (though length may still be an issue):
gats ruin everything. coat looks neat, though maybe not looooong enough.
are you looking at outerwear, in particular? i'd say that measurements are always your best bet, as long as you trust the seller's aptitude with a tape. i'm a size 50, and cdg large usually fits me well, but i can also pull off some medium (though the chest is usually bordering on tight). i also have one piece in ss (extra small) that fits me pretty well....so, you know.i think it helps that almost all cdg pieces can look good either sized loosely or sized slimmer, if you...
i think it's the same fit as the farmer's jacket. i dunno, i was comparing it to the cut of my cdg jackets, which i prefer. the material on the luc looks like it will be a cool knit, but it's actually wool that's been...bonded?...onto a base. i found the material + cut to give it an awkward, kind of stiff fit.but $300 is a really good price. and you may find that it fits you better than it did me. i'll be interested to hear how it works out if you buy it.did you ever...
have you handled/tried this on in person? it looks great in pics, but i wasn't thrilled with the fabric on it, or with the cut.i have one of these on its way to me now. hope it's not too small.
are you suggesting that i didn't need to oil my body for all those photos?! well, shit.get.....out...of my miiiiiiiind!you might have to duel @thatoneguy for the camel coat if i ever let it go. that's quite the collection you've got, too, man. looks great.@Eddiee glad to see you over here. i especially dig the red uc coat.
@robinsongreen68 that helmut coat fits you perfectly. look at those shoulders!@gettoasty i'm a big fan of that lemaire. beautiful.like @DLester, i love long coats. i also have too many of them. here are some that i've photographed.gustavolins heavy wool wrap coatdries van noten moleskin coat, lined in wool and lightly insulatedhelmut lang loosely woven wool-cashmere overcoatstephan schneider moleskin coatcp company funnel-hood fishtail parka with a treated exterior, lined...
i agree with b!cd about the colors/textures not working with everything else. maybe try it with a white button-up shirt (tucked in), navy wool dress pants, and black footwear with a bit of shine. (and shorten the sleeves a bit.)
ha, it was great meeting everyone, and fun chatting with your lovely wife (who at one point extolled your attractiveness as a function of your virtuousness).yeah, sorry to have missed you. let's all try to get together for a meal and/or drinks sometime soon-- maybe between thanksgiving and xmas? (anyone in the nyc area or who will be in town should feel free to join.)
i'm planning to stop by tomorrow around 5 or 6, i think. will wear full adidas tracksuit for easy identification.
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