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love the moss green coat, but that's it. all the rest seems like a regression, and oddly discontinuous with recent seasons. why all the tight pants?
picked up the v-a blazer, thanks!
Sounds good to me, especially since I'm on the road for a bit and wouldn't be able to put a challenge together for awhile.Let's hear it!
hmmm, yeah, i suspect that a challenge requiring teamwork might result in a low turnout, since it's often hard enough for people to take a pic just of themselves within a two week window. what about an outfit-environment synergy challenge? i remember that one nicelynice fit featuring a floral bomber in front of cherry blossoms. kg has photographed some of his starker fits in industrial areas, diniro had that one in all-white against a snowy trail, etc. those less...
high drama! i've gotten to choose a couple of these before, so i'd be happy for nicelynice to run the next one...as long as his wife is prominently involved in the process
@Synthese-- i happily eat my discouraging remarks about picking up that blue blue coat. looks dope. @robinsongreen68-- glad it worked out, man. i support the stockpiling of helmut camel coats for when the world's currencies collapse. @mbaum-- really nice way of using the long shirt.
this is why i go to our legacy for shirting these days. you should give them a shot, if you haven't already.
uniqlo used to be my go-to for button up shirts, but they seem to have changed their patterning/sizing in the past couple of years. the collar sizes are huge now, so i can't wear them any more (granted i have a skinny neck for my build, but the fit didn't use to be this bad). the fabrics also feel a lot rougher. their linen shirts are still great, though.
x-posting from the long coat challenge threadcouple more: [[SPOILER]] yohji wool coatour legacy wool scarfveilance goat leather glovesbarneys cashmere sweaterfrank leder heavy wool pantscdiem calf boots
couple more: [[SPOILER]] yohji wool coatour legacy wool scarfbarneys cashmere sweaterfrank leder heavy wool pantscdiem calf boots
New Posts  All Forums: