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Last week: a case of 2000 vintage Chateau Troplong-Mondot Today: 10 btl of Schneider Weisse Tap X Mein Nelson Sauvin
had this over the course of the evening. One bottle of champs is missing as well as three beers. ja, those are the important bottles.
I'm also a bit intimindated by customs duty.Does anybody know wether this design is exclusiv to The Armory? If not, perhaps we can find enough German/European guys for a group MTO?
Acridsheep, you made my day! On Topic: SInce my mid teenage days, following a short period of skater style, I came like dress shirts better than t-shirts, you could say that I liked to dress on the more formal side of what was necessary. Later I also became interestes in fashion, and few years ago I found that what matters most to me is fit and quality. So I came here and found advice on what is a good fit in a classic menswear sense, and where I can find good quality....
In on the Milton in blue calf. Can't wait.
FF FGTFOP Black darjeeling
I'm enjoying La Trappe Tripel atm. And the rum discussion in the previous posts.
I'm in. Or rather, I'm out of my relationship.
Well, I did something similar as descrbed in the OP. I wanted to buy some shoes I saw in the maker's online shop. I wanted to try the fitting of the last before ordering. So I went to alocal store carrying the brand, told them my intention of buying a specific shoe, and wanting to try it first. Since they didn't have it in stock, I said I'd order it from them instead of online. I was even willing to pay the 85,- euros premium, out of fairness etc. In the end i got a call...
I've got a question to you owners of Carmina wholecuts: I tried them in a local store a few weeks ago and had an issue with the fit around my ankle. There was a gap of nearly an inch on the side, below my ankles. Do you have similiar issues? Could you post pics of how your shoes fit in that area? Thanks!
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