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Thx Coxaca! I got in at the last minute. Mailed Patrik at 1800h CEST, got his reply at 2225h and paid this morning. Now I can just hope to get a pair that is much darker than the one I got in previous cognac jumper boot MTO, where we didn't specify dark cognac. I'm hoping for a shade close to Nick Horween's boots.
IPA from CREW Ale Werkstatt, a craft brewery from Munich, Germany.
+1You're not alone.
I for one would be interested in a second run of the museum calf oxford, preferably with the exact same specs as before.
In case you dodn't know already, here's a long thread from the german stilmagazin.com forum on Dolzer vs. Kuhn. http://www.stilmagazin.com/forum/masskonfektion/2807-guenstige-made-to-measure-anbieter-kuhn-vs-dolzer.html You schould find everything you want to know over there.
Most of the SuSu suits are made from pure virgin wool, others are cotton or linen. Some suits are made from blends of these three, or one of the first three with silk. All natural fibers, no polyester or other chemical fiber for their cloth. The lining though is made from a blend of polyester and bemberg silk, but that okay.I'm by no means experienced, but they source their cloth from reputable italien mills and i should think it will hold up fine over time.If you want the...
Regarding alterations: There is quite a bit of cloth left below the lowest sleeve button. I think you could shorten the sleeves by at least half an inch, maybeea bit more. Also there is a provision of cloth on the inside of the sleeve; you could have them lenghtend by an inch, too. Of course, then you would need to add a fifth button to restore the optical balance. If this is not enough, sleeves can be shortened, but not lengthened from the shoulder. It costs a bit more,...
+1I ordered from them for the first time this week. The suits were at my door within 2 days. moste of them, especially in your price range, will be half canvassed, which is important for a nice lapel roll.Pick stitching is just an optical detail that can look nice, but doesn't necessarily do so.They do have a size advisor built in in their online shop system, but I doubt that it's working properly. It recommended a US 38 to me, which is too short and too tight.They do...
Haha, stupid spam Protection in that Email address. It reads like this: kontakt@arnulf-massatelier.de
Personally, I have never heard of Amann. But ones of his teachers was Volkmar Arnulf, whose shop is not in Berlin, but Potsdam, which is close by a worth a few visits on it's own. Here is the link to Arnulf's contact info: http://www.arnulf-massatelier.de/kontakt/. Unfortunatly, his site is only in german, so you'd have write him or make a call for more info. Another Berlin tailor that I heard good thing about is Katrin Emmer, who also recently moved to Potsdam:...
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