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B1os: also approved by me are the Sipas and sipac and the beers from brewdog. Today's line up a a Stone Brew tasting: My favorite was the 7 Ten and a coffee barley wine with 13% ABv. Though i don't remember the name and didn't take a pic. And my night cup:
Double post
Would you please tell us a bit more about appropriate care for exotic leathers. Can you recommend a specific product or brand for this?Can anyone else add his expertise?
https://www.strava.com/activities/67478627 6351.6 + 2 = 6353.6
The leather is is lizard. For an incredible 272.- Euros during the Farfetch sale.I'm hopeful about sizing since Carminas lasts differ quite a bit in fit. As is proven by the fact that i wear a UK 9.5 in Oscar but a UK 10 in Forest and both fit quite well. And if I really can't make them fit with insoles, tongue pads and whatnot I can return them for free.As of five minutes ago, they already are with the delivery courier.
Good to hear. Yesterday i ordered thes babies via farfetch: Let's see how fast they travel from Bologna over the Alps to Berlin. Now I just hope that UK 10 fits me.
First question: What last is this: Second: Given that I wear the following comfortably, what size would you recommend? - unknown square toe Grenson after widening in the ball area 9.5 uk - Forest only as derby 10 UK (Oxford is too tight around the ball) - Oscar 9.5 UK - AS 48 in UK 9.5 is a bit tight on the smalles toe. - unknown pointy but round Trickers in 9.5UK also a bit tight in the toe area Thanks for your help, guys!
I've been using the same set for about ten years now, in total for close to 3k Km/2k miles and they are still going strom. A friend of mine had those for about the same amount of time and just recently changed for a new set after 6k Km, roundabout.Only downside is that hey are a bit unbalenced so it can be tricky to clip into. You fix that by applying some stick-on weights, like those use to balance car rims, or model airplanes.Or you try one of Shimanos other combination...
b1os, if/when you are in Berlin, try Aux Delices Normands, esp. for tarte aux apricots.
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