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As does Rendenbach's website: "Nature supplies the main ingredients for the tan mixture used in traditional oak-bark ground-tanning; primarily oak, spruce, and mimosa bark as well as valonea fruit."
Wow, that's a damn gorgeous mistake you made there, Leaves. You should do more of those. And then maybe give us a discount to get rid of the "faulty" product quickly. Regarding the currency converter: don't forget about then non-Euro members of the EU.
Holy shoe tree, that are some amazing shoes your are selling.
Mine have not arrived yet, but my brother got his the Friday after christmas. They look stunning and appear to have no major flaws.I could post pics if you like.
Still no shipping confirmation for me.. Gah, can't bear waiting any longer.
Indeed. All this waiting has ne very excited for the boots.
Also S.N.S. Herning. For instance this one:
Starter for the Night was Flying Dog Brew's Raging Bitch.
4 Miles from wednesday. 7745.3 + 4 = 7749.3
No, didnt try that.
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