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Closet clean out, open to offers or trades! Used Isaia black label tweed -300 usd shipped worldwide Shoulders 17.5 Chest 19 Sleeve 24 with 1 to let out but functional buttons Back of collar 30.5 Worn once Pal zileiri concept tweed -150 usd shipped worldwide Shoulders 18" Chest 20 Sleeve 24.5" with.5 to let out, nonfunctional buttons Back of collar 31" Well used Rafael caruso parma suit -150 shipped worldwide Super 150s Shoulders 18" Chest 19" Sleeve 24.5" with.5 to...
Wanted: Antique gold or MOP stud set for formalwear. Also a pair of collar studs! Based in Uk. Thanks!
Looking for 8-8.5 UK black oxford/derby/wholecut shipped to London. Would consider C&J, EG, Barker black, Carmina or other quality brands. Thanks
Auctions ending in a few days! Wings & Horns Glen plaid jacket Kiton 38r Grey suit Richard james 38r Suit
Amazing glen plaid M65 jacked from a few seasons back with detachable real rabbit fur collar. It's a size medium and fits me snugly (38R) with a thin jumper. Originally retailed around 600 usd, I'm offering this for 250 >> 225 shipped. I've worn it regularly for only one season and have just had it dry cleaned. Chest 18" (Inside shoulder to shoulder)[SIZE]3[/SIZE] Sleeve 25" length 33" (Back of collar)
Bought this lovely 38R Richard james suit but slightly too big in the shoulders for me, anyone interested? Will pass on at cost (£105 GBP)
Lightly used Kiton suit purchased on here a couple of years ago and worn about 10 times. Amazing suit but I just don't get enough use of it. Dry cleaned once, there are a couple of small marks on the trousers which I've highlighted in a photo. They are barely noticeable and should come out in a dry clean. $625 >600 shipped world wide or open to swap for a similar quality suit! Shoulders 18 Jacket length (BOC) 32.5 Chest 20 (This was taken in for me so could be let...
Looking for a new or partially used bottle of creed aventus shipped to the uk.
Really like the second tails, it was made in 1949 by Sartoria di Napoli. Has anyone heard of this firm's history or is this just a generic tailor name?
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