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How does the collar stay up like that? Is there a snap underneath?
Spec all jackets with the satin lining. The other (cotton or whatever) linings are second rate.
A little disappointed that the chesterfield isn't back yet but I feel like it's the type of coat that doesn't need to be mtm. I think it'll be well suited to ToJ's future otr model when it (hopefully) makes a return at some point. Is it possible to get a shearling collar on the CWU-45? If so, price?
Is it possible to get a CWU-45 with a shearling collar attachment, like the A-2 has? If so, price?
Don't forget to send Charly nudes.
Don't worry guys, drew's just trying to drum up some extra business.
any updates on the new varsy?
That's your problem right there.
Charly confirmed that the blue calf suede is still available. Not sure if they'll still make jackets from it though. I asked Drew a few pages back but never got a response.
New Posts  All Forums: