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I like that colorless polo. Where you find that....and those viscose knits?!
anyone have experience with Machus - The Jogger? http://www.machusonline.com/products/the-jogger
Anyone seen the Air Huarache NM in any north american stores yet?
would the Hopsack fabric be suitable for Florida Summers?
Anyone seen the Nike Air Huarache NM on any US Sites?
Can someone ID these shoes posted earlier?
Silent Boots, do they fit TTS? Priced at $314 Looking for sleek black ankle boot options.
I thought I saw a preview of these with black sole as well? You seen those anywhere RFX?
anyone have experience with CARVEN footwear? Is sizing generally TTS? I am looking at this pair, any insight is appreciated!
Maison Martin Margiela carbon color denim jeans from last season's collection. In great condition with slight creasing by the knees. Never been washed yet and only worn 4 times. These are the slim fit and run quite slim at that. The color is a nice grey with greenish undertones, thus the 'carbon' color name. Size is tagged 50. waist-17" thigh-11.25" inseam-33" hem-7" Paypal only. Shipping within the US is included in the price.
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