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Here they are
I just received my order after waiting for 4 weeks to find that I ordered sidezips instead of chelsea boots. I already have side zips that are similar. I am looking to trade for chelsea boots in size 43 or 43.5 or sell the side zips for what I paid. For sale size 43 Tan Calf Suede Side Zips Never worn. http://www.storyetfall.se/310-3100012.html#.V0YSzZMrJGM $265 shipped within USA PM Me.
Can anyone ID these frames?
Still nothing. I've tried chrome and firefox and on my iphone. Does it work for anyone else?
the size chart for the cast II coast denim is not loading for me. Anyone else have this problem? I am trying to make an exchange but can't determine what size I need...
Just received my cast 2 coast denim that I ordered on 11/26/15 but now they too small. Not sure if its worth trying to do an exchange if they are totally swamped over there?
John Elliot + Co - The Coast Cast II Denim NWT Size 33 New, just received in the mail but are too small Instead of dealing with returning to John Elliot I thought i'd offer here instead. $300 shipped in US more details here: http://www.johnelliott.co/products/the-cast-2-coast
Dapper Classics https://www.dapperclassics.com/ for exceptional socks 30% off
I called Carson street to order one of those parisian bags and the guy said i'm better off ordering on the phone cause he will take care of it right away and ship it out... Let's see how it works out
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