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FS: New Levi's Vintage Clothing LVC Bay Meadows Breton Stripe Shirt, Size Small. %100 Cotton, Made in Portugal. New without tags. Measures 21" across chest, shoulders are 19", sleeves are 24.5" shoulder to cuff and length is 26.5".
FS: Ralph Lauren Black Label Silk / Linen Cardigan Blue Small. Never worn, new without tags. %55 Linen, %45 Silk. Measures 19" across chest, shoulders are 17" sleeves 26" shoulder to cuff and length is 26.5".
FS: New Polo Ralph Lauren Polo II Charcoal Grey Cashmere Blazer, 38R Made In Italy. 3 Roll 2. %90 Wool, %10 Cashmere. New without tags, includes extra buttons. Measures 20'' across chest, shoulders are 18'' across, sleeves are 26" shoulder to cuff and length is 30".
FS: New Polo Ralph Lauren Bradford Blazer Grey Herringbone Flannel, 38R Made in Italy. %100 Virgin Wool New without tags, extra buttons included. Chest is 20'' across, shoulders are 18'' across, sleeves are 26'' and length is 30''.
'Popover' shirts, which is a term probably coined on the internet, were definitely not "...invented by GANT back in the '60's" as you state "Some claim" on your website. The suggestion that these were created by GANT OR that they were created in the 1960's is laughable. I can't imagine when these were "invented", probably after the Renaissance or something, but unless there was another GANT and you mean the 1860's, this type of garment was so common that by WWI it was...
FS: Paul Smith Black Double Breasted Topcoat Overcoat 38R Made in Italy. Measures 18" across shoulders, sleeves are 26'' shoulder to cuff and chest is 21'' across. Beautiful grosgrain trim on the lapels, pick stitching all over (collar, down back, sleeves etc.) Wool outer, viscose lined, two hip pockets, ticket pocket. New without tags.
New Posts  All Forums: