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Vans are appropriately sleek for that fit imo
idk if the sweater is particularly feminine though. True, I see girls wearing similar sweaters pretty regularly, but rather than emphasizing their girly bits, it mostly makes them look like cool blobs. And imo men can get in on the cool blob game.
I just bought Hare jodphurs but damn those Sonny ones look appealing. Love the big heal and the strap going around the bottom. Trane sidezips are also nice looking.
dries hehe mhl shirt
I bought a couple tees a tank and a henley from East Dane last season and they were solid for the price although the tank is the only thing I ever think looks great. The other three are soft and cozy and look pretty solid with jeans and most other things. Kinda tempted to go for more but not sure about the yellow/blue colours that they have.
I like this thread because you can discuss the items coolness in isolation, the items quality, whether it fits in with the poster's style and other similar potential options which imo is all fruitful although yeah it's always other people's opinions and guesswork based on what they know about you and such.
i think i should buy those
Didn't realize how cool Visvim was until this thread.
imo looks good. Sloppy in a cool way.
Does anyone know who did the music for Yohji's SS2014 women's show? My mom's in love with it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UyKFxx1YtQ this 1
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