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I have the same problem I think Distorbiant. I can tell different leather jackets feel and look different but I couldn't say which feeling/look is indicative of better quality.
This strikes me as one of the coolest things ever.
Finished Against the Day. I really loved it. Random observations: -simpler than other Pynchon: I was never underlining words because I didn't know what they meant. But he still comes across as a writer-Lizst. -I don't hear an "author" behind the writing (Infinite Jest is an example of something where I'm always aware of a writer behind all the different narrations), and none of the characters have feelings that I can empathize with. This isn't a bad thing because the...
i bought snowman's jacket thanks snowman
Pretty much all of the fits with mesh under button up made me think both "Geller doing his thing" and "damn, cool".
Definitely some fuzzy wool stuff I rather like in this collection.e.g. [[SPOILER]]
I'd probably go if I wanted to go to a party that night.
It looks ok in the open pic because the lighting stops you from seeing all the bad.
That's what I wanted to see too.
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