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Does reverse cordovan get smoother/shinier after wear?
imo yes. Those are my favourite hi tops.
I used to love toast with brown sugar and peanut butter and my sister thought it was the weirdest thing.
looks cool
Seems like a lot of the websites that sell baller boot brands aren't very good at pictures/modelling. http://hotoveli.com/collections/label-under-construction/products/worker-jacket This jacket is cute :3
i just learned that retailers taking political stands weirds me out even when i support the cause
jeez, they're like shoes that age in dog years
brand: Marc Simard Was debating buying a bag vs repairing my old one, but old one was falling apart in 5+ different places and this one has a cool gross green colour.
Lot 49 is great. I wasn't entirely sure what was going on or what the stakes were but I got caught up in the intensity of the search, and I liked that feeling a lot. I'm excited to read Vineland because I hear mixed things about it. Also Bleeding Edge because he's 80 and apparently writes about Metal Gear Solid and Pokemon??
It took me a little bit of willpower to make it through the last 100-150 pages of V. so I can understand that. Haven't read Vineland, Bleeding Edge, or Gravity's Rainbow yet but everything else has been smooth sailing.
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