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Love those training boots, should've grabbed them when they were around.
I had a dream Thomas Pynchon wrote a fantasy novel. It was like The Last Airbender in that there were groups of monks who could 'bend' various elements, but instead of using the four-element earth/air/fire/water as a base, Tommy used the periodic table. So there were hydrogen benders, helium benders, oxygen benders, einsteinium benders, etc. Some of the powers were more useful than others. Main character was named Ruggles.
Other people's silent shirts always look so perfect then mine come down to my knees : \
To me the unoriginality of Fear of God/Second Layer seems like a young artist finding his/her voice (seems like most start out as a mix of their influences and then blend it into their own identity/style) but maybe I'm an optimist.
intriguing proposition
melo making me want CP slip ons even more even though my brain also thinks they're a bad idea. Dilemmas.
yum. Love the lack of seams and the big heel.
Hmm. Would you recommend reading all three at once? I'm debating powering through or maybe sliding one other book in between each one.
Finished Beckett's Molloy. It had a consistent unique thing going on but was a bit of a slog. Gonna read Martin Amis' The Information before I go on with the trilogy.
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