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yr cat is doing a good job of channeling the ccp aesthetic
i hope he puts this on a t-shirt next season
i really enjoy the cozy prince vibe i am getting from those
That blend sounds awesome to me tbh. I have two mohair/wool/nylon VA knits and they're exquisite. I also tend to trust designers on these things though.
pinkpanster posting regularly is a blessing
3 dont really like 1/2 colours
so, Pale Fire:
I just started Swann's Way. My 2015 project is to read ~the whole thing~ in the English (so I get it) and in French (so I get original language). So far it is hard to put down because so good. Also i see myself rereading it because there's so much going on. I feel like I should save it for when I'm at peak mental awareness and have two hours to set aside, so that I can keep all the relevant info in my head, but then I'd never get very far.
Those all look great for you kindofyoung, what's the belt?
oh man whenever nicelynice posts pictures of those juun derbies my heart flutters
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