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I tend to have time set aside in the day to read both for information/school and for pleasure.
I've read The Left Hand of Darkness. Enjoyed, although maybe more for the discussion of sex/gender than for the writing or the story. Been meaning to read the Earthsea novels next.
I'm reading Le compte de Monte Cristo right now. At 10 pages/day it will take me roughly forever.
Nice job and write up. They look like they'll be easier to wear black, too.
Are those the wool achilles? I was skeptical from pictures but saw them in a store and thought they looked cozy and cool.
imo the fabric is probably cool but N&F hoodies have boring cuts and aren't constructed as nicely as W&H etc. Would not pay 100+ much less 200+
I love the taste of coffee but it ruins afternoon nap.
Art's jacket and boots are so amazing. holy cow. I want them.
That's really great : )
these weren't entries but imo they could've been [[SPOILER]]
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