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That jacket is cool, zissou.
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi The colours aren't meshing well imo, Yeah too many diff shades of greyish blue.
I don't get the appeal of weirdo pockets everywhere.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 What is wrong with these shoes? $145 is a steal - I would have gotten them if they were my size [IMG]http://imgs.yoox.com/44/44175461rs_12_f.jpg[IMG] Something about the all white slip on CPs makes them yucky to me. Guess I'm not alone.
Like #2 more.
Quote: Originally Posted by cb_32 please suggest some :P idk something like these? Outfit looks like if it's cold enough for the jacket and sweater then your feet would be freezing in sneakers.
Platypus fit is so perfect even the chunk of concrete he's standing in front of goes with his outfit.
imo the longer and wilder Listi's hair gets, the more it suits his style.
I wanna see the 20 yr old oxbloods.
Don't like cuffs but otherwise cool.
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