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I have a pair and they're very dark but definitely not black. Close up pics here are pretty good representation of the colour http://www.blueowl.us/scripts/psp/VB...il&SKU=7999945
Quote: Originally Posted by ranker What was it that caused them to hurt? Also, how do these shoes run, or CP's for the matter. I was told they run narrow. I'm typically a US8 or 41EU. Should I size up? size down? or stay the same? You might want to get size 40. I have a pair of CP canvas boots that seem like a similar design. I'm normally an 8.5 and they're 41 and there's a bit of extra toe room. Best idea is to email the store imo
Listi and stinger making me wish I had a cool cardigan.
Quote: Originally Posted by ethanlee29 ^i'm a 8.5 and i fit perfectly in a 41 for cp's me too
Quote: Originally Posted by snuff_daddy great shot of your collection yupp
In the TED talk it was just a quote of one designer wasn't it?
Looks like a pair of sneakers.
are the shoes levitating in that picture
Quote: Originally Posted by pronxs [IMG]http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2592/3819313723_c5affe6e30.jpg[IMG] Colour is awesome.
I like the blue ones more.
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