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He basically looks like a Future Shop employee imo
Quote: Originally Posted by themselves does rigid demin eventually become less... rigid? bought a pair of acne mics in black rigid denim out of curiosity (it was on sale), & I'm finding the feeling of the denim is way less comfortable than the 'raven' mics which are my go to jean. it feels kind of stiff and prickly. yeah
Never regretted anything I've payed over 50-60$ for 'cause paying that much usually makes me think about it pretty hard.
I want a zipper smelted from an Artefact of UNspeakable Ancient Evil
http://www.ssense.com/men/product/co...sneakers/25050 thinkin bout these
Quote: Originally Posted by ri0tp00f http://www.zappos.com/images/z/1/0/6/1062614-p-2x.jpg Circa is a skater brand, but I think this pair (Circa 50 classic) is pretty understated and not overly branded. I wear them sockless with shorts. I like these
15$ american eagle knit jacket that I've worn for 2 years, two 5$ henleys I got from somewhere in a mall, 2$ belt that I got from a thrift store
I agree with going slimmer, the Simons look ok but not great. Also once you get used to slimmer jeans tehy become comfy and baggier jeans feel weird as fuck. Also I suggest reconsidering your aversion to spandex since it also increases comfortableness.
the eve of the two hundred and fifty sixth wear or after thirty five hundred hours
oh no cultural freeriders in the internet metal community we must exterminate them ps. I think if a girl called me a fag for liking Converge I might ask her to marry me?
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