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Quote: Originally Posted by Ordense Any details on the N&F x Big John collab? weight, which cuts will it be offered in, type of denim and retail price. Googled it, couldn't find much, other than the video you can see here:
I want more drapey stuff and more stuff that can be worn with a tie. Jewelry is something I've wanted to start wearing for a year+ but have never actually bought any.
Those red monks are awesome. Didn't really like the black or suede ones on forward.
I wish there was a version of those blue tournaments without the ugly velcro. These are neat. Their colour is very relaxing.
Quote: Originally Posted by heysf Thoughts on this model? [IMG] I like these a lot. Washed leather that slack bought look neat although not really sure what that colour of sneaker would look good worn with.
I saw a guy in the 4HM boots yesterday and they looked great.
Quote: Originally Posted by ramp really great
Bought this coat after someone posted it in the sales/ebay/etc thread. New hobby: constantly fiddling with the laces.
I have a W+H hoodie but I'd like something longer, as slim, and with lower pockets. Any suggestions?
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