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I want info on this flannel denim it sounds interesting.
@Morgan, that's a huge improvement.
Kinda like the zebra sneaks.
http://www.gravitypope.com/shoes/pro...canvas-sneaker hmm Quote: You can't tell me that yellow-orange combo isn't fire. very awesome imo
If someone has the same taste in pretty pictures that I do I might like to look at their collection of pretty pictures but I don't follow any blogs like that so I guess it's not sayin much.
Quote: Originally Posted by Guy_4HM Blanc & Noir out of Vancouver is doing some really great things, and i'm excited to have their stuff coming this Fall. Dana Lee is a personal favourite, though she's based in New York now. There is also, Krane, Viberg, Paul Rose (from the N&F guys), and a bunch of stuff i'm probably forgetting right now. Thanks for the info, will have to look into those.
Are there any cool Canadian brands other than Wings + Horns and Naked and Famous?
I was under the impression that this was a thread for pointing out good deals on ebay or b/s or wherever.
Would look way better without the pockets imo.
Damn you're really good at getting awesome fades.
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