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Quote: Originally Posted by ramp really great
Bought this coat after someone posted it in the sales/ebay/etc thread. New hobby: constantly fiddling with the laces. http://store.nomadshop.net/collectio...uffcoatchrcoal
I have a W+H hoodie but I'd like something longer, as slim, and with lower pockets. Any suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese nnnnggg http://cgi.ebay.com/CLOAK-Black-Gray...ht_3862wt_1139 sexy
How high are the pockets on this (in comparison to other W+H hoodies)?
melonadejello's clothes are really cool but I don't think the glasses/haircut suit them very well.
Quote: Originally Posted by snowmanxl ^^buy my tim hamilton sweats, theyre perfect for boot tucking. Will consider (srsly, not just being polite!) but they seem baggier than I want and the speckling would make them harder to match with the already limited number of things I could wear sweatpants with.
http://www.revolveclothing.com/Displ...geometries&d=b i want sweatpants for boot tucking
Quote: Originally Posted by UserName84 That bag look great, wonderful photography! Yeah moo's pictures of awesome things are the best.
Sneakers look cool.
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