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My silk stretch have faded but it's not all that visible because they started off a pretty light blue. Black stretch ones have faded a tiny bit but I'd guess they were a lot slower than broken twill ones I'm wearing most of the time now.
I think they're all W+H x Dayton service boots in either black or brown. edit: lol forum moves fast
Quote: Originally Posted by richardwallace wogbog was asking about boots similar to, but fancier, than blundstones. those rm williams are a good choice i think. those rm williams are fairly sleek for work boots (the lasts are the same as the turnout and craftsman, which are both dress boots), have nice quality water resistant leather and good grippy soles that still look good (the tread is not really visible and the soles don't look like they are...
I have a pair of Blundstones that work well for the winter but hoping to find something similar (rubber soled slip on boot) but fancier to replace them with.
I like 3, 4 and 6 the most.
If they made cheaper shirts with N&F's fit then I would be all over those.
Thanks for all the reviews and fit pics btw slack tide
Quote: Originally Posted by Dr. Gonzo After going through about 30 pages in this thread and still coming up empty, I was wondering if anyone could post fit pics and/or a review on the skinny guy black power stretch. As I am a broke college student I really want to be sold on these before I order them. I've had a pair for a year or so, wore them a lot. Love them. The material is slightly shiny and fun to look at it. Stretch makes them very...
I have two of the stretch skinny guys and they're pretty tight w/o sizing down because they don't loosen much with wear.
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