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Quote: Originally Posted by linkinwayne OMG that grey suede double rider. yes
Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 wjk 3-pack tees (gray) [img]http://dslnorthwest.net/~barryb/d/wjk_gray3.jpg[img] wjk belt [img]http://dslnorthwest.net/~barryb/d/wjk_belt1.jpg[img] I really like the hem and collar details on the t-shirt. Belt is all kinds of awesome too.
Quote: Originally Posted by linkinwayne [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] yesyesyes
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese fuck that, dude. I want to be wolf cub and moon. I always wanted to see wolf cub fits based on his posts in purchases and should I buy
I wanna grow up to be just like Synthese.
http://www.surfacetoair.com/project/...0//p6105_1.jpg I like these a lot.
Usually lie and give a vague "ordered online" answer but lately I've been more honest.
Pomegranate jeans are a nice colour.
I like looking at your pics modern art and I like the obsessive nature of your project so keep it up! I was gonna do a similar thing with a pair of N&F jeans I have but I'm also lazy.
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc love
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