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Quote: Originally Posted by eckblk Augusta in stingray [IMG][IMG] Guidi in Crocodile [IMG][IMG] Guidi sole lined in Crocodile [IMG][IMG] Cdiem in Python [IMG][IMG] These are all insane,...
Yeah I want one of the heeled chelsea boots. Sneaker soled ones look weird.
White leather tourny lows are awful pretty.
White lows look nice. Would like the highs more if the zipper were on the inside and had the smaller toe of the lows. Camera can't seem to handle texture of shirt which intrigues me! edit: just saw cuffs, not cool.
I bought the beige ones and the distressing was very minimal. iirc the soles and laces were a bit grey/dirty.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwoyeu by 'red-rubber sole cp' you meant this, right? i much prefer the cps to the pair shown your pic i think the oficer derby rfx posted is also nice Agree. (bias: I really love the rubber sole CPs and might buy a pair.)
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira [IMG][IMG] Click for ridiculously big image Margiela PBJ Uniqlo (my favorite of the Uniqlo socks I bought, though after a few washes the pink/purple houndstooth is blending into the charcoal background) New boots (a bit pointy and they may be a tad too narrow, not sure how I feel about the fit ) I like those jeans a bunch.
I kinda like it because the knit sleeves scream cute but the DR screams badass and the end result is contradictory and wacky in a cool way.
What are those shoes lel? Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol baconzilla, that jacket is incredible seriously
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