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Are there any cool Canadian brands other than Wings + Horns and Naked and Famous?
I was under the impression that this was a thread for pointing out good deals on ebay or b/s or wherever.
Would look way better without the pockets imo.
Damn you're really good at getting awesome fades.
The officer and cowboy boots are really cool but not really liking any of the sneakers they got in. Too bad 'cause I'd like to order a pair from Canada to avoid possible customs and such :\\
Don't really like the extra toe thingy. Would probably buy a pair otherwise.
I lean towards the bottom because there's less going on but the extra flappy thing at the bottom of the laces is wtf
Quote: Originally Posted by Makeshift_Robot Don't ever wear a tracksuit. Buy individual items you like. Don't try to "fill out a wardrobe". See what the things you like have in common and pick those up. If you like an aesthetic but you don't like one part of it, find something that works for you better. Be honest with yourself. More than anything, wear stuff that fits and flatters, once you have that you can do anything you...
I like Uncontrol's jacket a lot.
Damn those are so cool but no way I can afford
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