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http://i726.photobucket.com/albums/w...F10OMLook2.jpg http://i726.photobucket.com/albums/w...F10OMLook3.jpg Like the cardigan and hoodie. pants are pretty cool too.
shopadidas.ca has them but dunno if you can get them to ship to Ireland. http://www.shopadidas.ca/product/EW366/G16591/A039/Men's-RESPLIT-LO-(A039)/detail.jsf
Everyone will think you're wearing Converse if you wear those anyways.
I develop (weird?) connections with the pieces of clothing I really like and if I cheaped out on it, or if there's one (tiny) thing that I don't like, then idk that would interfere with the connection. Or like if you've got a dead note on a guitar you're playing, nobody listening will notice that the sustain lasts half as long as all the other notes but you will and it'll bug you every time you play the note.
nah man one of them might be wearing a polo
CP canvas Tournaments (edit just remembered I posted a picture of those aready) CP canvas expedition boot
I think the full shirt picture pwned the camera.
I like the scarf but agree about shoes.
Nobunny is kind of awesome imo.
Quote: Originally Posted by housesofunholy final nail in the coffin itt was that peoples interest was piqued only after hearing N&F was behind this. lol this is me.
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