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I got 1000$ in September and spent it on CP sneakers and boots + Naked and Famous shirt and cardigan. If I got that again I'd probably go for a leather jacket and a wallet and a couple more shirts or something. I'm pretty happy clotheswise right now though.
Quote: Originally Posted by clarksdb Anyone outside of US shopped at Revolve? Need to know if you were charged duty and how much? I had to pay 50$ of duties on a 400$ order to Canada. They ship USPS though which afaik is the good one.
Inspiration: seeing people who are dressed cool or seeing a piece of clothing that looks neat. Focus: silhouette, usually aim for sleekness without emphasizing the weird bits like knees. Synthese made me want to do more loose/hangy stuff but I own zero clothes for that currently. Brands: Designs would be the main thing. Common Projects and Naked and Famous seem to be good at matching my ideal jeans/shirt/sneaker/wallet/almost everything they design. I see it as having...
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi Get Keds. Same styling, cheap, and good. I thought #3 was Keds but yeah go for them. 2 look pretty good too if you don't mind the branding.
Are there any in ear ones with detacheable/replaceable cables? Plug-in jack always breaks after 6~ months so I've never wanted to buy expensive in ear headphones
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix not enough colour. definitely (There's some brown and plaid too!)
Purple one would be cool but not 250$ cool.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol Tornado Mart This is great.
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