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I determine quality of fabric by how much I like touching it.
Quote: Originally Posted by okay.w0w blue owl is definitely one of the best shops i've dealt with Yup!
Common Projects arctic boot.
It's fun and sometimes makes me feel like a cool person.
I think it's photoshopped.
http://i.imgur.com/EZEjF.jpg Melonade, clothes are p great except hoodie looks like you might not be able to zip it up. You've got a dark thing going on and I think better posture and hair would take you from creepy Gollum look to awesome Dracula look.
I'm jealous of how perfectly slack tide does his thing.
Quote: Originally Posted by malaujai For the record, the Davis chinos were $49 on promotion (aka, no student discount) at Eaton Centre. I bought these two days ago (I think they're Davis anyways, they were 49$ on sale and chinos) and got to use the student discount with them. They're solid although I wish the fabric was a little lighter.
http://i.imgur.com/AmYde.png http://i.imgur.com/crGnq.png coats and boots and turtleneck and leggings are so good
I got a N&F shirt for 65$ from KL (stacking two of their sales iirc) and payed 15$ customs so it was still cheaper than from here.
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