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http://www.reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice/comments/38c0n0/toj_update_drew_keith_disappears/this kinda sums it up, at least the shit part
by the time the sole of my CPs wore out, the upper was pretty beat too
you say this like it's a bad thing
fwiw i think you nailed it with styling a white jacket in this fit. looks great with the faded denim and the darker blue shirt
imo those jeans are the perfect cut for the big sneakers
yr cat is doing a good job of channeling the ccp aesthetic
i hope he puts this on a t-shirt next season
i really enjoy the cozy prince vibe i am getting from those
That blend sounds awesome to me tbh. I have two mohair/wool/nylon VA knits and they're exquisite. I also tend to trust designers on these things though.
pinkpanster posting regularly is a blessing
New Posts  All Forums: