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end of an era
mmoria + appealing shapes = holy cow
Finished Zadie Smith's White Teeth. It found a nice balance of covering serious issues while still being light, so I liked it all the way through although at times it was obvious she was beating a satirical drum. Now I'm already halfway through Katherine Kurtz' Deryni Rising.
I like the six holes more with the colour, but I also love zippers because they make boots easy to put on.
I have a pair of Christian L'enfant roi trousers that were called raw silk. Here's a closeup of the fabric from suspension point's tumblr:
brave squirrel
I tend to give classics the benefit of the doubt when it comes to whether or not to read them and whether not to finish them if they're becoming a bit of a slog. Although generally something has to be pretty dire for me to stop it part way through. I want to be certain a book is bad before I give up on it, and classics are never Dan Brown bad. I don't think there's any requirement to read all the classics though since there's so many of them that it's basically hopeless...
I had mixed feelings about Mobdy Dick because guy can obviously write like a hot damn but I don't care about whaling as much as he does.
I've read Amsterdam and Atonement and they weren't bad but they weren't good and I felt empty and profoundly annoyed at him by the time I finished them.
Yeah I do docs + socks
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