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I've read The Left Hand of Darkness. Enjoyed, although maybe more for the discussion of sex/gender than for the writing or the story. Been meaning to read the Earthsea novels next.
I'm reading Le compte de Monte Cristo right now. At 10 pages/day it will take me roughly forever.
Nice job and write up. They look like they'll be easier to wear black, too.
Are those the wool achilles? I was skeptical from pictures but saw them in a store and thought they looked cozy and cool.
imo the fabric is probably cool but N&F hoodies have boring cuts and aren't constructed as nicely as W&H etc. Would not pay 100+ much less 200+
I love the taste of coffee but it ruins afternoon nap.
Art's jacket and boots are so amazing. holy cow. I want them.
That's really great : )
these weren't entries but imo they could've been [[SPOILER]]
It was 8ish years ago so I was probably less grumpy towards cleverness when I read Eggers but I found his breaking of the fourth wall and meta writing to be natural, like it's just the way he thinks/tells stories. There's a floppyness and honesty to when he says that people looking for concise storytelling should stop at page 72, or that all the stuff he described over the last 20 pages couldn't have happened in one afternoon so it must've been over the course of a whole...
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