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these 9 m/o hender scheme's prr prr prr
first one looks way better to me. i like how it falls straight rather than having the v at the bottom
their inhouse stuff is great. cool that they had a release of it this year
i can mostly only speak from looking at stuff on the internet, but to me mmorias just seem like they're gamechangers. like they're new and unique, when i first saw them the shapes seemed different and alien. but then they fit in perfectly with artisinal clothes (see: alexandertg's fits). so they're part of the aesthetic but they're pushing it forward. and then everything about them seems majestic (price/cordovan/shape/stitching/mythical quality/etc)
m_moria fade contest 2015-2016 plz
crosspost with challenge thread. forgot to take a picture before sundown ):tojdana leegellercp [[SPOILER]]
toj dana lee geller cp
not really for ballroom dancing (at least for the most part. different dancers have different preferences and it also depends on the floor you're dancing on). i do tango and swing dancing and my dance shoes are generic man and oliver spencer shoes w/ the original leather sole.
when you were talking about posting the drop, it momentarily crossed my mind that maybe it would just be 8 different bombers maybe not a silly idea after all
no intervention keep going
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