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no intervention keep going
for me shipping + CAD exchange rate are the main things that make me get off the boat since that can boost the price 30-50% which is enough to make me want to rethink my life. or if the website ships with UPS since UPS are jerks about duties
to me the black suede with the brown sole looks great and is more striking
have you heard their new song?
swapping the gin in a negroni for bourbon makes a nice drink
imo you are on the right track Caustic Man. you've got a good sense of how things fit and go together, and i think with a little more experience you'll develop a sense of cool interesting pieces and ways of matching things together so that they really sing. you've already got a bit of that going on with this fit which has a great old tv show detective vibe going (or 50s dad? i'm bad at eras/associations. it's got a story behind it...
proportions look great to me vitaminh
i'd buy the hender scheme vansalikes if i could afford them
http://www.reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice/comments/38c0n0/toj_update_drew_keith_disappears/this kinda sums it up, at least the shit part
by the time the sole of my CPs wore out, the upper was pretty beat too
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