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imo Slim Charles has tapped into the perfect silhouette and therefore i am fine if it never changes
haha i bought this nonnative shirt with the same idea in mind but there are days when i do not wear ithttp://i.imgur.com/GptAjg0.jpg
any suggestions for a small satchel/purse for carrying my iphone/cardholder/ipod around in? summer means no coats and i dont like having things in my pants pockets. 200$ish price range and leather would be ideal
but it's so cool
i could see that Barrett looking spectacular in the right outfit
i have the grey and seeing these words together makes me jealous
mr hare is maybe the best shoe designer at appealing to the side of me that wants to dress like a whimsical prince
can we have a separate fast and the furious thread
that blazer is spectacular melonadejello
i thought that picture of synthese was a vintage portrait of an actor
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