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wanted boots with buckles for a long time
Also I can get up and start doing them while I'm watching TV and then boom hey I worked out today.
I like the green ones a lot haha
the saga of the silent tee
i like and dislike that at the same time
I want a noragi. Lots of those shirt fabrics look great, they're good at that.
How's the baseball shirt?
Hehe for me, the Wallace almost-romance that comes to mind first is Gately/Joelle (maybecause I just read their first conversation together in IJ :3) and the pregnant couple in TPK. Part of me wants to say that TPK shows a pared down emotional Wallace but I dunno... I found even Broom pretty darn emotional. So maybe it's just pared down Wallace. Definitely agree that IJ doesn't cover everything although it comes closer than most books. (This is something I've been thinking...
I'd be interested in seeing pictures.
Yeah I've had "wow I'm at Escahton already!", II'm at the mattress scene already!", and "I'm at the Antitoi brothers already!" moments. I remember the first time reading it I was surprised that it ended (and not just because I didn't know when I'd hit the endnotes) and it'll probably happen again this time. It gives the impression that it could go on forever and I'd be OK with that. It's eerie how it has almost everything I look for in a novel. (He never quite taps into...
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