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melo making me want CP slip ons even more even though my brain also thinks they're a bad idea. Dilemmas.
yum. Love the lack of seams and the big heel.
Hmm. Would you recommend reading all three at once? I'm debating powering through or maybe sliding one other book in between each one.
Finished Beckett's Molloy. It had a consistent unique thing going on but was a bit of a slog. Gonna read Martin Amis' The Information before I go on with the trilogy.
I hope the linen pocket T drops to a price closer to 100-150
Started Patrick Rothfuss' The Name of the Wind but it was awful so I only made it 17 pages. Now reading The Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison and liking it.
Vans are appropriately sleek for that fit imo
idk if the sweater is particularly feminine though. True, I see girls wearing similar sweaters pretty regularly, but rather than emphasizing their girly bits, it mostly makes them look like cool blobs. And imo men can get in on the cool blob game.
New Posts  All Forums: