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I made a 2014 reading list. 50 books is a lil too high for me though, my goal is more like 25ish. [[SPOILER]]
I'm thoroughly enjoying Pynchon's Against the Day (makes me laugh, makes me learn, makes me cry) and starting Mikael Bulgakov's A Country Doctor's Notebook
Those MMM are way cool.
Mixed feelings about that coat... the hood and the 'clean' details angle (hidden placket, pocket triangle) seem to clash but I could see it looking really really cool if you wore it in the right way.
I thought the CP training boots from a couple seasons ago were a lot cooler so I'd pass on those these ones: http://slamxhype.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/common-projects-training-boots-2.jpg
Bought four seconds things from that sale because t-shirts/etc make me happier than anything these days. Hopefully I got the size right. Went with my gut about colours.
melo you got the stripey gloves?
hehe him not liking computers goes well with the style of clothes he designs. I'd like to get into some Leder soon since old timey jackets, sweaters, and trousers are the best.
I like the brown ones
I want a close up of 2nd pants fabric they look gorgeous
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