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Isn't suede a summery thing?
My VA hoodie has a pull like that and imo it is cool.
I like those jodhpurs quite a bit.
I love food and postmodernism. She sounds like an author for me.
I'm reading Infinite Jest and DT Max's DFW bio because total immersion. IJ is really something. Every scene just gets me all excitable about life and literature over and over again.
More tapered pants would improve that fit imo canstyleace. If brad made Dr Huh?'s changes to his fit then he'd be the coolest teenage bro ever.
Patch pocket goes really well with the colour of the leather imo
http://www.styleforummarket.com/robert-geller-x-common-projects-dark-red-leather-single-monk-strap-shoes/ I'd buy these if they were available for presale. I'm probably the only person obsessed though.
This thread is becoming the best thread.
I liked how the plots in The Fountain commented on each other or told the same story or whatever. Movies can't go inside a character's head but they can tell the story of the book he's writin'. Or some such. Music and visuals were rather lovely too.
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