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I'd be interested in seeing pictures.
Yeah I've had "wow I'm at Escahton already!", II'm at the mattress scene already!", and "I'm at the Antitoi brothers already!" moments. I remember the first time reading it I was surprised that it ended (and not just because I didn't know when I'd hit the endnotes) and it'll probably happen again this time. It gives the impression that it could go on forever and I'd be OK with that. It's eerie how it has almost everything I look for in a novel. (He never quite taps into...
I'm halfway through and yeah it's great. I thought there'd be points where I questioned whether it was worth rereading, but there hasn't been. It's long and dense but it comes in digestible chunks so once you start it's easy to keep going, and I never have Ulysses/Suttree/Faulkner moments of wondering wtf is going on. Beautiful/funny/sad/clever/exciting/everything. I might like it too much.
I eat a bagel for lunch and 12-4 is my happy time.
Those look great mikey.
Oh wow the close up of the patchwork blazer.
Isn't suede a summery thing?
My VA hoodie has a pull like that and imo it is cool.
I like those jodhpurs quite a bit.
I love food and postmodernism. She sounds like an author for me.
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