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I liked casey's fit because I found the dark/light/dark contrast appealing, everything fits well, it has a good silhouette, and the jeans/dinner jacket worked because by wearing such washed out jeans it's obvious he's not going for something at all formal.
i like
I'm reading them in French, very slowly. Right now it's one by one but then I might try to tackle them all at once afterwards.
definitely the next book i'm reading now
she has a very expressive face
Pitti 2014: The Chapstick Chronicles
this is fun i like reading this
Yeah. And in the case of Shades of Greige it's basically all they do. While the J-cut is a little more distinctive than slim/tapered or something, I don't think every new denim brand needs to come up with unique cuts for their jeans.I liked their kickstarter because it explained the purpose of the j-cut (to create cool stacks)
I probably should have guessed that a book about being a doctor would have graphic descriptions of bone fractures, surgery, and etc D:
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