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http://www.styleforum.net/content/type/61/id/1145363/width/350/height/700/flags/LL I like the julius pants in this picture where they fit a bit slimmer. In the others they look sloppy.
Overall I liked Master and Margarita but I had a lot of the same feelings so I can see disliking it.
Top left girl's outfit is great.
I remember not liking that CP coat when it came out. the hell was i thinking
Fabric on all those pieces looks great Vandalen.
black jeans and a plaid flannel shirt woo
Part 2 is kinda intriguing. Especially the outerwear.
This is a good point. My experience with Carver was during a fiction writing class, and if there wasn't the prod to discuss the story I probably would've had a "huh, interesting" reaction and moved on. Might not've sunk in as much as it should.
These are really cool in this colour, nice.
That's what I thought. I probably want some of the clothes and shoes too though.
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