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Pretty much all of the fits with mesh under button up made me think both "Geller doing his thing" and "damn, cool".
Definitely some fuzzy wool stuff I rather like in this collection.e.g. [[SPOILER]]
I'd probably go if I wanted to go to a party that night.
It looks ok in the open pic because the lighting stops you from seeing all the bad.
That's what I wanted to see too.
I prefer the look of a chainstitched hem but ultimately it's a pretty small detail. Blueowl does it for free if you buy a pair from them and get it hemmed.
I seem to have lost a pair of Christian L'enfant Roi pants.
http://www.styleforum.net/content/type/61/id/1145363/width/350/height/700/flags/LL I like the julius pants in this picture where they fit a bit slimmer. In the others they look sloppy.
Overall I liked Master and Margarita but I had a lot of the same feelings so I can see disliking it.
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