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I've read Amsterdam and Atonement and they weren't bad but they weren't good and I felt empty and profoundly annoyed at him by the time I finished them.
Yeah I do docs + socks
One thing I notice when I see people referring to earlier fits is I have to scroll back to find the fit (annoying for me), or they quote/spoiler it but that takes more effort than thumbs commenting did (annoying for them).
Tattoos are cool because you get to put a beautiful piece of art on your body forever.
I tried to write a chapter-by-chapter book report on The Hobbit in Grade 4 and ended up crying a lot.
I get a lot of classics because they're the books that don't suck that you can get for 50 cents at a thrift store. Haven't read any Dickens other than Great Expectations. I think I have A Tale of Two Cities sitting around somewhere. Love Wuthering Heights (reading it in grade 6-7 sounds highly odd, I was into Harry Potter and Magic: The Gathering novels at that age), A Woman in White, The Moonstone, Dracula, Frankenstein... I find the prose classy in a comforting way.
My gut feeling is that cropped pants are cute and the bomber/clean lines/navy shirt are not cute, so a break works better than cropped. I don't know a lot about this so I was comparing that break to a fairly substantial cropping and thinking that in between is some kind of faux pas, which could be wrong.
I like the break.
afaik they couldn't be edited/deleted by moderators and people were taking advantage of that by putting inappropriate stuff in them.
Yeah I miss the thumb comments they were perfect.
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