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I thought that was a ghostface fit when I saw it in WAYWT haha
Those derbies are real nice.
I vote no because I'm not a fan of exterior zippers in general and the way the sole/heel has light and dark stripes looks ugly.
Me neither. Not really a fan of the shapes or the details.
Loved the history of SF from shoreman. Good stuff. Also that syeknom fit is one of my favourite things.
http://popchartlab.com/products/a-diagrammatical-dissertation-on-opening-lines-of-notable-novels these are cool
Pale Fire is awesome. How did Nabokov intend it to be read? I read the poem, then took the footnotes in order... I feel like if you followed Kinbote's directions when he says stuff like "See line 212" then the ending/twist would've been given away pretty early. When I reread it I'll probably take it that way though to see what happens.
I finish a book every week or two. People itt are making me think I should start reading on public transport. Finished Laurence Sterne's A Sentimental Journey (and other writings). A Sentimental Journey had all the sillyness and beauty that I love about Sterne. It was very short though. The other writings [sermons, a heartsick journal, some other stuff] weren't great on their own but I liked them because they gave insight into an author I'm loving. Gonna start Nabokov's...
I got a ton of that out of Anna Karanina too. Tolstoy puts plausible feelings into simple language like no other.
Yeah I tend to just buy cool shit then afterwards worry about styling it with stuff that looks coherent. I trust in my taste to be consistent enough that stuff I want to buy will go with at least some stuff I already own. This isn't always the case and I own stuff that is really lovely but I hardly ever wear, or always wear with the same couple things, but overall it works.
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