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It was 8ish years ago so I was probably less grumpy towards cleverness when I read Eggers but I found his breaking of the fourth wall and meta writing to be natural, like it's just the way he thinks/tells stories. There's a floppyness and honesty to when he says that people looking for concise storytelling should stop at page 72, or that all the stuff he described over the last 20 pages couldn't have happened in one afternoon so it must've been over the course of a whole...
McCarthy has pages of everyday routines too! I've read All the Pretty Horses twice and all I remember is caballeros mopping up beans with tortillas and petting horses. I like writing that makes me slow down and digest it, and McCarthy/Rushdie/Nabokov/Faulkner all fit into that camp. Rushdie was the first I read doing that sort of thing but I've fallen out of love with him a little since then. It is a little obnoxious when writing exudes "dayumm I'm clever", especially...
I love McCarthy and Nabokov but yeah I have a hard time comparing them. One's playful and the other's serious. Nabokov delivers his grace with a wink and a grin. He makes me laugh and I get the sense he's having fun while he writes. McCarthy is practically the opposite, only concerned with churning up the most serious matters and the most intense feelings. I tend to favour writing with more jokes. (Dave Eggers says a nice thing about how every day he laughs and every day...
For me what made Lolita magical was how well it straddled the "ew, pedophilia" line. Humbert writes hilarious and beautiful things, so its hard not to get caught up in his narrative and to start wanting him to win, but then his wretchedness plows through in jarring, lovely ways at all the right moments. Some of my friends never got past the "ew, pedophilia" part and I understand that too.
Weird, I always thought it was common opinion that Nabokov writes more beautifully than almost anyone. e.g. some quotes that stood out to me from Bend Sinister:"What he said, what words he used, did not matter; he kept avoiding her brave kind eyes to which he felt he could not live up, and listened to his own voice stringing trivial sounds in the silence of a shrivelled world.""A faint infusion of sunshine spread over the distant hill and brought out with a kind of...
I don't think I've ever gotten particularly good or bad service at a restaurant. how odd
I thought that was a ghostface fit when I saw it in WAYWT haha
Those derbies are real nice.
I vote no because I'm not a fan of exterior zippers in general and the way the sole/heel has light and dark stripes looks ugly.
Me neither. Not really a fan of the shapes or the details.
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