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it's so ugly but so easy
stitches looks like such a majestic champion in his suit fits
perfect username/post synergy I just bought Cities of the Plain but I'd like to reread The Crossing before diving into it. (Read All the Pretty Horses and The Crossing 5-6 years ago, reread Pretty Horses two years ago.) Haven't read enough of his earlier stuff to make statements about his career arc tho srry. Finished Deryni Rising, it was ok but also made me want to write my own stuff and that's a nice feeling. Not sure if I'll tackle the other two of the...
end of an era
mmoria + appealing shapes = holy cow
Finished Zadie Smith's White Teeth. It found a nice balance of covering serious issues while still being light, so I liked it all the way through although at times it was obvious she was beating a satirical drum. Now I'm already halfway through Katherine Kurtz' Deryni Rising.
I like the six holes more with the colour, but I also love zippers because they make boots easy to put on.
I have a pair of Christian L'enfant roi trousers that were called raw silk. Here's a closeup of the fabric from suspension point's tumblr:
brave squirrel
I tend to give classics the benefit of the doubt when it comes to whether or not to read them and whether not to finish them if they're becoming a bit of a slog. Although generally something has to be pretty dire for me to stop it part way through. I want to be certain a book is bad before I give up on it, and classics are never Dan Brown bad. I don't think there's any requirement to read all the classics though since there's so many of them that it's basically hopeless...
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