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Yeah I tend to just buy cool shit then afterwards worry about styling it with stuff that looks coherent. I trust in my taste to be consistent enough that stuff I want to buy will go with at least some stuff I already own. This isn't always the case and I own stuff that is really lovely but I hardly ever wear, or always wear with the same couple things, but overall it works.
holy wow those patchwork coats
I was thinking if anything it should a couple inches longer. Looks great imo
dat slouch
If the white stitching were black those chukkas would be way cool for wearing with wacky baggy stuff.
lorcan is so cool
I was gonna recommend McCarthy too. Mainly The Road, couldn't put that one down. Or Wikie Collins' The Lady in White or The Moonstone if you want some 1800s page turner goodness that doesn't make you feel dirty/stupider for having read it.
I ditched Henry James because reading it made me feel like being stuck in a traffic jam. I'm open to being convinced to try him again though. Now I'm reading Laurence Sterne's A Sentimental Journey and loving it. Sterne makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
I try to vote for one but couldn't decide between ghostface and syeknom for this one.
with all the love of ponchos and big scarves it is only a matter of time . . .
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