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good example of what happens when your books are underwear boxes
I like square ann the most.
I saw the burgundy wool CPs in person the other day and I thought they were fuzzy and cute.
http://www.theparisreview.org/blog/2013/09/05/pynchonicity/ This made me excited for new Pynchon book.
Yeah I like that one a lot. The tan of the sweater, the faded blue jeans, and white sneakers go together and then the Geller bagginess goes with the sneaker tuck.
I think that'd look better if you rolled your pants, diglet. They make the oversizedness look sloppy. p.s. what are the shoes?
Don't like socks the colour is odd w/ rest of fit but I like everything else and the general idea.
would've bought those red/brown monks tonight if they weren't two sizes too big
This is cool, love the colour and crumple of the shirt, but I'd like it more with less baggy jeans or bigger shoes. They look weird with the sleekness of the CPs.
terry is so fuzzy
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