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I love a couple of the Damir pieces (this jacket and this... thing. And this is a nice sombre/simple look. But then a lot of the silhouettes look like he doesn't know what he's doing.
cool backpacks
Gorgeous. I like how it takes a handful of ideas/colours and milks them for all they're worth.
I love the colours but don't really get the designs.
such louche such lux
Geller's are way cool imo
synth's thread titles sneakily celebrating bloomsday?
Just got my Japan Blue 'African Cotton' jeans and they're great. Nice lightweight fabric that feels almost stretchy (even though it's 100% cotton). Nice tapered fit that stacks beautifully. Detailing/buttons/fabric is all gorgeous. I'm really happy. Blueowl is probably my favourite online store to buy from.
I like the shirt.
I like the short shorts with leggings underneath look a lot. Not sure why. could live without those dresses that are longer at the back than at the front tho
New Posts  All Forums: