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It took me a little bit of willpower to make it through the last 100-150 pages of V. so I can understand that. Haven't read Vineland, Bleeding Edge, or Gravity's Rainbow yet but everything else has been smooth sailing.
Sucks to hear dude I'm glad I haven't had any issues with the jodphurs I bought.
So I'm 2/3rds of the way through Inherent Vice right now and I'm thinking that the variety of Pynchon's novels is underrated. There's the obvious similarities that set him apart from other authors--the research, the songs, the goofy names, the paranoia, the superstition, the mysteries, the confusingness, etc--but I get the feeling that there's something unique about each of his books I've read, but it's subtler than all those things so it's hard to put into words. Reading...
my feet start to hurt on non carpetted floors
i think nwi's jacket looks very good and could move up to great if he nailed the colour coordination.
it's a very beautiful basic yohji fit.
I like snaps on a winter coat
Yeah I agree. There's definitely a lot of people digging their heels in and bringing up the standard arguments in online debates, but there's also a lot of compromises and shifts in position, especially in places like here where users 'know' each other more than say, youtube commenters. Also I hear people say 'not a debate for facebook' or 'forums are a bad place for this kind of debate', but imo they are one of the best places for it because there's a more fluid back and...
Reading Woolf's Orlando. First time reading her in 5~ years and I'm finding her writing a) beautiful and b) highly similar to Nabokov. Should pick up Proust again but can't decide if I want to read it in French and miss lots or read it in English and wish it were the original language. Or set aside the time for both but that'd be like a full year of reading.
love the colours snow
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