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i like your hair
i think the undershirt helps fight back any flowing blouse vibes flowcharts. imo looks great in all those fit
maybe they're making the basic/grailed distinction based more on style than price?
i'm normally a 30 and i got a size 2 and they fit great at the waist. super tapered though. fabric is stretchy and thin and my calves are bulgin
hey this might be my first chance to check out a storefull of this stuff irl
dbss geller
i think of those cps as kanye colours
there's a guy who often rides the same bus as me with white doc boots and they look 60% weird 40% cool
i'm reading my brilliant friend elena ferrante is dope
https://www.instagram.com/p/BFKLTZkCgm7/?taken-by=brett_viberg&hl=en i still want to buy these
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