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i was at a sneaker store here and they had cool lamps and i asked if the lamps were for sale and guy said no they just sell shoes : (a stylish pair of speaker stands is something i'm in the market fori realize that at best both these thoughts are tangential to your ideawhich i like because fashion and audio are two things i am interested in and it'd likely make for prettier audio stuff, but i imagine there are reasons it doesn't happen like selling two specialty products...
your guidi rosselinis are starting to look really cool
are the colourful pants velvet?
i've noticed this as a thing in the last 3-4 years where people pick up their dog's poo but then just leave the bag on the ground and it is very confusing
i miss bam chair dance
i bought this =) thank u geller friends
thanks for collecting all this info, i enjoyed reading / looking through it.
i would like your jacket to be bigger
brotherhood of the travelling artisanal "streetwear" boots
thanks for the heads up, picked up the adjustable sleave shirt (been thinking of it all season) & the dock shirt
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