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are the colourful pants velvet?
i've noticed this as a thing in the last 3-4 years where people pick up their dog's poo but then just leave the bag on the ground and it is very confusing
i miss bam chair dance
i bought this =) thank u geller friends
thanks for collecting all this info, i enjoyed reading / looking through it.
i would like your jacket to be bigger
brotherhood of the travelling artisanal "streetwear" boots
thanks for the heads up, picked up the adjustable sleave shirt (been thinking of it all season) & the dock shirt
i like the white suede more but if i think about it the tan one's seem more regis
bought this knit from re-porter. between the fuzzy mohair blend yarn and the strange knitting pattern (it gives you gorilla arms, but it a soft way) it is one of the more interesting pieces i've owned. but i find when i'm putting sweaters on, i reach for the ones with zippers or buttons, so i've never worn it much. something this cool deserves lots of love that it is not getting from me because of the nature of the beast, measurements aren't really apropos. it's a Size 2....
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