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What does your fiance want?
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Nice, France. +1 Was fortunate enough to be there for a few days last summer and it was completely spectacular!
Hey Guys, Not sure what would be the right spot to post this, but I just started divvyup.org which offers 500mb and 5gb of bandwidth a month for students, small businesses, and non-profits. You get everything that would except from GoDaddy, Dreamhost, etc and I there are about a dozen websites running on it right now. The space is leased from a large web hosting company, and has lots of documentation. You can check it out more at divvyup.org
My fiance has been a vegetarian for about 6 years and I gave it for lent last year and haven't had any meat since. It is really much easier than I thought it would be... Fried chicken still smells good some days!
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt My experience is that it can be incredibly frustrating, and that the managerial ego in non-profits is much higher, and much more brittle, than in the for profit world. +1
It depends on the company making the font. House Industries for example charges $5000-$15000 extra if you are a company making $5 million plus and you are using their font in a logo or product...
Quote: Originally Posted by alexanduh honestly i use papyrus for msn. Say it ain't so! Quote: Originally Posted by S. Magnozzi I use Caslon Pro combined with Gotham or Verlag for most documents. A great combination of old and new. Verlag and Caslon Pro are solid...
Quote: Originally Posted by Parker Both very good fonts and two of my favorites as well. Akzidenz is a hundred plus years old, but still looks great. Kind of the forerunner of all the 20C sans-serifs. Yeah, my roommate was a graphic designer at Gallup for about 4 years and their logo is Akzidenz, so I have really grown to appreciate it!
Wasn't familiar with the mag, but after googling, it appears to be engravers gothic http://typophile.com/node/41977
I have really been getting into different typefaces over the last 6-8 months, and have kind of become a semi-knowledgeable dork on the subject (much to chagrin of my fiance)... I really like Neutraface #2 right now, especially the text version. I like Berthold Akzidenz-Grotesk a lot and wish I could afford to get it...
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