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@mell0wfell0w has moved on to insta
Oh please. He got like 75% actual constructive feedback and a couple of pretty funny sarcastic comments. Would you rather we disingenuously applaud his shitty outfit, or if we just ignored it? I don't know why you feel the need to be the white knight every time
Sick dude. Good luck in law school! Stay warm, jacket looks great.
Unless you've significantly changed your style since your last fit pic, I don't see those pants going well for you bro
Don't buy the Julius unless you have stuff to wear it with or plan on getting stuff to wear it with. Spending a ton of money on boots with a very specific aesthetic without actually subscribing to that aesthetic doesn't make sense to me. Wouldn't buy the CPs at retail either, have owned them and they're only okay for the price you pay. Would prefer a pair of boots from a real shoemaker instead of a sneaker company with weird gold lettering stamped on it
I really don't like most of those rebuild flannels, but that's real nice AlexanderTG
is cuvoir ever not on sale?
Oh no, not the FLU
Nah I was talking about willy's. Though yours is fine and not nearly as terrible as blazer+polo+jeans sounds on paper
The jeans are maybe slightly too slim for my tastes but I like it otherwise.
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