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Call by George http://www.bygeorgeaustin.com/menbygeorge/ $60 for OB trunks had a pretty good run of sizes day before yesterday at least
Fuck, those suede boots are so good looking :/
A couple pieces of EG. I think I saw a jacquard Bedford? And a few shirts. Only thing in my size were polka for long shorts that were way too tight even for my skinny boy thighs. Mostly L/XL left of EG. Some post O'all stuff too. And f+b boots for ridiculously cheap
Anybody in Austin area should really go to by George. Happened to stop in today, 75% off everything including Marsell, Orlebar Brown, Jil, Lanvin, among other good stuff.
I'm not, but looks like someone else is..
Would've preferred lighter shoes to really bring home the tonal thing, Regis.
Wings + Horns Sashiko Print Shorts 99% thought I was gonna return these but the print and fit are so good. Sad I missed out on the blazer too now..
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