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Tricker's Burford is prob similar although possibly more rounded toe. Love mine. Prob better quality than Yang Li too
yeah that's really not a half break. either pull your pants up or get them hemmed. I think no break would look great with that suit particularly.
No, just no one is interested in you estimating people's body fat percentages on a WAYWT thread
Go back to bodybuilding.com
I don't think that coat is all that crazy of a jump for NN, but I do think it's a size too big everywhere, even with layering..
Not much shopping in Houston but honestly I hardly shop in person anymore. The Class Room seems like it carries some cool brands
Call by George http://www.bygeorgeaustin.com/menbygeorge/ $60 for OB trunks had a pretty good run of sizes day before yesterday at least
Fuck, those suede boots are so good looking :/
A couple pieces of EG. I think I saw a jacquard Bedford? And a few shirts. Only thing in my size were polka for long shorts that were way too tight even for my skinny boy thighs. Mostly L/XL left of EG. Some post O'all stuff too. And f+b boots for ridiculously cheap
Anybody in Austin area should really go to by George. Happened to stop in today, 75% off everything including Marsell, Orlebar Brown, Jil, Lanvin, among other good stuff.
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