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Oh no, not the FLU
Nah I was talking about willy's. Though yours is fine and not nearly as terrible as blazer+polo+jeans sounds on paper
The jeans are maybe slightly too slim for my tastes but I like it otherwise.
I'm with LA Guy, I love the lining.
I actually like NN's fit all the way until the shoes.. I find the stark white jarring. I think something like the Schneider Exhaust trousers the SP carried last season would've been perfect for this though
That is perfect, and perfect for you, Parker.
Good work AlexanderTG. Have seen so many patients ruin their lives by drinking it away and it sounds like you saved yours. Congrats on almost 7 years
No. APCs are vanity sized. Go back to jeans 101
Are you a moron? Everyone sizes down 2 on APC NS.
The Weeds one is the best. SP buy on point as usual
New Posts  All Forums: