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that time when sf made me ano
Does it make a difference that this shirt was linen and unbuttoned halfway down? I agree the footwear choice is not ideal but I felt it was pretty congruent
Obligatory Monte Carlo Casino selfieUniqloRobert GellerFolkSaint Laurent [[SPOILER]]
Barton Perreira The Hill-Side Everlane Robert Geller Common Projects
Uniqlo Barton Perreira Schneider Common Projects
Anyone in a L should pick this shit up. Don't know if mispriced on the website since all the other sizes are retail but L is $20: http://www.unknwn.com/products/slub-rayonsilk-crew-neck-tee?variant=16899449412
is it just me or has la garconne had the same stock for the past five years
Set it on fire. Fire is never boring.
Don't forget Jet.com has 20% credit on Saks
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