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Because both matches' and thecorner's Ervell buys were terrible.
I think I have the same navy jacket as you Teger and it rocks. Really lightweight but extremely cozy
... because you're wearing cotton Dockers?
LonerMatt, not sure if I agree with Caveat's statement that the knit doesn't work for someone "of your body type" since you look like you have a pretty average body type. The knit does have a pretty significant flare at the waist, though, so if you're not doing something with that volume in the bottom half it does make you look like a pear. I think it would've been better with some dropcrotch jawnz with the legs rolled up or something more interesting than what you had
I own a pair a Tricker's Burford boots that I bought for under $300 and I find them to be not at all clunky. My perfect black boots.
this sales season has been nuts.
Not sure why you'd want that mock neck compression shirt thing, it's honesty awful, particularly styled like that...
Just wait until you're a neurosurgeon.. in 10 years
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