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You're allowed to own more than one pair of black shoes benes..
I actually like the CD fit with the sweater on. Got a cool monochrome brown thing going on
Re: Houston area BBQ, hands down Killen's is the best. Gatlin's is pretty good too. Pappa's restaurants are all good standbys but there is much better food to be found if you look around a little (though never been to the Pappas steakhouse and I hear that's great). This thread inspired me to buy 4 pairs of Chup socks, thanks y'all
They lower prices regularly
Like those Meermins - don't think they're overly MC at all, especially with the pebble grain. Loakes unfortunately don't look great. If you're in the US, check out these Trickers - http://www.sierratradingpost.com/tricker%E2%80%99s-langston-wingtip-boots-leather-for-men~p~4762x/?filterString=mens-boots~d~137%2Ftrickers~b~1917%2F&colorFamily=02 Around the same price range after the 30% off coupon
I hear suede has a pretty high coefficient of friction. I guess it depends how slippery your head is
Anyone looking to buy docs should get em on Amazon - $55 for the 1461s $70 for the 1460s with code CYBERMON14.
fix: don't buy $50 shoes with acrylic paint on them for $200
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