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Or.... he's just celebrating an aesthetic that he appreciates.
The Tevas and socks are honestly my favorite part of that fit
You look like you got attacked by the clearance rack at yoox Oh wait a minute....
You returned those boots dude?
http://www.sierratradingpost.com/tricker%E2%80%99s-burford-derby-boots-smooth-leather-for-men~p~4517f/?filterString=trickers~b~1917%2F&colorFamily=03I own these and they are great. With one of the additional 30% off coupon kickers they're a steal, too.
Guys, I think I went a little overboard at the Mr Porter sale...
Extra 20% off La Garconne: LGINDY20 http://www.lagarconne.com/store/index.htm?
Not super slim. I'm have a 37" chest and the small is slightly boxy. Nice fit for summer. Highly recommend the shirt at totokaelos price. I bought mine at $230 and I'm extremely pleased with itShirts now definitely fit slimmer through the chest and arms than they did previously.
For me all of these things make this years inferior. But I ordered the non-reverse print collared watercolor from this season and material and looser fit aside, it's my favorite piece I have right now
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