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Thanks. Finally bought those Virgils I'd been eyeing for months. Happy birthday to me
Rick Owens AA Acne Tricker's
Not working on pants for me.
Yeah NN Aniary is by far my favorite among the ones you've posted
It all makes sense now
Oh my apologies. FWIW I thought the cuffs were fine. The sneakers are too bright for my taste
what the fuck
No hair don't care. [[SPOILER]]
There's some insanely cheap Ervell over at eastdane right now. They have some 15% off codes going around, too.
Insanely cheap Ervell Coach Jacket: https://www.eastdane.com/coach-jacket-patrik-ervell/vp/v=1/1590852937.htm?colorId=10868 15% off if you got a code
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