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Thought this was a Hirsch post for a sec
I think those boots work much better with that color of pant, stitchy - but I feel like the jeans could be just a tad slimmer and I don't really like the stark under the SS...
That PS paul smith sweater has got to be one of the worst things ever
What EG pants are those, s3lam? I want ones just like em
Last fit for a whileVeronique BranquinhoFrank LederSteven AlanPantherellaRalph Lauren [[SPOILER]]
the sweater is happy too
^that's really cool of you. the mmm looks sweet, would consider if it were my size..
I like that better stitchy. Similar tones but at varying lightnesses makes it work for me - the different shades/different tone in your first fit is too much of a contrast for me. But then again we like monochrome here on SW&D
Nigel Cabourn Steven Alan Wings + Horns Patrik Ervell Tricker's
If you think 1) 17.5 cm jeans are not already skinny and 2) a 2.5 cm taper is worth $600, I suggest you reevaluate your life.
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