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There's some insanely cheap Ervell over at eastdane right now. They have some 15% off codes going around, too.
Insanely cheap Ervell Coach Jacket: https://www.eastdane.com/coach-jacket-patrik-ervell/vp/v=1/1590852937.htm?colorId=10868 15% off if you got a code
I had to call to use my code - apparently they expired on the 19th even though the e-mail says 9/30.
why would you want those.
Or.... he's just celebrating an aesthetic that he appreciates.
The Tevas and socks are honestly my favorite part of that fit
You look like you got attacked by the clearance rack at yoox Oh wait a minute....
You returned those boots dude?
http://www.sierratradingpost.com/tricker%E2%80%99s-burford-derby-boots-smooth-leather-for-men~p~4517f/?filterString=trickers~b~1917%2F&colorFamily=03I own these and they are great. With one of the additional 30% off coupon kickers they're a steal, too.
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