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I do like teh chinos and glasses. Deets?
Shaddup u
White Oxford !!!
That jacket would look less toollbag if cut out the flag liner
Trying to stick to burgundy for cordovan
Yep but that shoe has two things I don't like -CG leather ("cavalry calf") -Calf in a shade of burgundy
deerbone really only works for getting out scuffs. (it injects a little oil into the scuffs) also smooths out the leather with the round edges and pressure
^ I've been thinking about getting those pembrokes and having them dyed a darker brown. Do you have the Marlows as well? I think it's the same shoe with cordo. I like my pair but they're a little tight. I'd get a G-width pembroke to fit that
@Prince of PaisleyAre these C&J Pembrokes?If so, the pebble looks completely worn down? Interesting
do you have any advice for conditioning super dry cordovan on RL marlows? The Marlows are notorious for dry cordo. However many coats of Saphir reno I dump onto them, they eventually turn back to very dry. especially in the vamp area.
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