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You probably just got someone fired as his supervisor was looking over his shoulder....
Added three new ties -RLBL navy pindot -J Press grey herringbone -Holliday and Brown neat print Macclesfield
I have thought about getting a navy seersucker suit too. Link to another threadBut then I purchased a (cheap) pair of shorts from Gap this summer in navy seersucker. I noticed that after 1 washing, the material looked very worn out. Not in a good way like denim. I believe you have to garment-dye a seersucker like this.I realize that the preferred method for cleaning a seersucker would probably be drycleaning, but I'm still hesistant to buy a seersucker in a dark color....
^ Ahem: detailing
Do they carry Rubinacci at Autozone?
Here's a closeup picture of the fabric I just took for a member. It's a comparison of the serge fabric on this jacket vs. the Fox Brothers serge fabric. Super high quality stuff on the Zegna jacket. Great crisp serge texture Stock image from Fox Bros link
That's not "advertising"That's an "About Us" page
Most brazen case of Gianni screwing someone over may have been Cleav.Cleav really wanted to work with him on the issues. Gave him about three chances to do so. Shame
@poorsod Paone could not use the Rubiacci logo or photographs of the Rubinacci family/ current staff in his advertising material. But I see no issue with Paone making the (factually-correct) statement that he was a cutter for Rubinacci. Tons of corporate bio paragraphs name drop in the same way. Ex: person A did a stint at Proctor and Gamble, and then a stint at Coke.... or person B worked for IBM and then GE... Sounds like a case of sour grapes from Rubinacci...
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