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Claghorn you're planning on becoming a business school professor?
^ This @SpooPoker is your dude
Noodles is gone?
Bonus green
@bourbonbasted @in stitches Found some blue windowpane jackets in an old Attolini lookbook. The navy one still rubs me the wrong way I like this one the most Hate Meh
RLPL blue cableknit sweater sold 6 sweaters remaining
Let's get back on topicWas looking through old Attolini lookbooks today on the company's site.Found a few of the fits are ruined by ties that are too light
The Gennaro Paone thread is the de facto Ancien Regime thread right now It's like old times in there. Even the Pink Cashmere Attolini Tie guy has crawled out of his CE hole to post there...
Tan RLBL cardigan sold 7 sweaters remaining
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