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will you ride the scooter in that mcqueen jacket?#badass
FuglyPockets are too big. Also, they have those ugly metal snaps. Looks too motoDon't get me started on that American flag lining, and that flag patch.Looks like the moto version of:
this thing is fuglysorry sitch
Murl is not shopping for you.
The size 38R tuxedo is sold. The size 40R and 42R tuxedos remain available
+1 What emptym said I think the jacket cut looks very modern, actually. Maybe too modern. (Very short length) Maybe they're commenting on the fabric? Is it threadbare? You used the word "ratty" The aesthetics of that fit you posted could use some improvement -Light grey jacket only really works with tan/offwhite/white pants -Those pants are generously cut. They are also hemmed poorly. Puddling at the ankles. Looks awkward with that very "modern" fit jacket.
Removing or closing? I think this may be a typoIf you removed the threads entirely, how would anyone know how to price their items?
dont like that one would have picked something less "moto"
old pic? didnt you ditch your ptbs namor?
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