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Drop to $365 Certified smoking deal now
Yep, and did you catch the swipe at Rambo's whining?
How many ounces do you think the material on that Hulkbuster armor is?
Not sure what kind of flannel that formosa is noodles. Site says its drapers 11.5 ox (lady san Felice book) The herringbone from the more recent season is a fox bros woolen. 14 oz http://www.themerchantfox.co.uk/prod/148/flannel/fox-flannel-classic-herringbone Either way. Stop pussying around and send the funds to murl. You need another suit.
What design of Fox flannel did you get? Assuming it was special order?
@marcodalondra what do you like about the harrisons flannels? Harrisons site says they range between 12.5 and 17.5 ounces? Also, are the ones you like woolen or worsted?
^ I take it that's an old flyer image that you saved on your computer? Don't get our hopes up...
Blues Woolens Worsteds
Probably looking at the French navy woolen from Fox for the jacket Woolens Worsteds
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