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This defeats the purpose of an overcoat. An overcoat is supposed to cover your torso from the cold. You'll appreciate a top higher button if you ever run into a freezing, windy day...If you must have a low button stance, try a coat with a 3-roll-2 stance.
Do any Noodlers here like the Howard Yount USA cut in 34?
@kulata here's a northern lights check HATE this color scheme so much. Fit is spot on though. (Henry Poole blog) https://henrypoole.com/henry-poole-house-check/
https://henrypoole.com/david-gandy-ben-cussons-celebrate-72nd-goodwood-members-meeting/Thoughts on this olive shade tweed suit? It's Minnis Alsport IINot very versatile but looks good here
are those drakes bespoke? did you pick the swatches out of a book?
Oh werent you selling them for awhile? Why not do a run?
whats the deal with drakes for luxeswap? is this an occasional thing or are you doing a full line?
^ Just a tad late @RFX45
The crappy Falconer cut Too tight everywhere
iGents everywhere ponder whether the designers will ditch the too-tight "Falconer" Tom Ford cut that appeared in Skyfall... http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2014/12/04/new-james-bond-film-will-be-called-spectre/ Discuss Tagging @Matt S (http://thesuitsofjamesbond.com/)
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