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I don't mind a SC fabric like this. But it's certainly not a navy blueSimilar ground color to your Mirage #1 fabric, BBignore charcoal trousers
It's the combo of navy + the lines/panes. There is no real logic besides that association. I think it's one that a few others on the forum shareI have a bunch of windowpane SC's in non-navy colors.
I don't think your comments have been deep on the subject, FM I gave a rationale for why I don't like the look of navy windowpane SC's, and you merely made passing reference to some Japanese guys who you've seen. Do you have pictures? Also, I don't think the color of pants makes a difference. (See: claghorn's pics). The jackets all look like orphans to me. Navy windowpane just reminds me of a city suit
If you read that whole discussion with stitch and clag, I explained in a paragraph why I don't like navy windowpane SCs. In a nutshell, navy windowpane cloth for a SC is too reminiscent of suiting.
jungalo's back
Only 3 is a true navy. 1 is a sky blue and 2 is a charcoalish-midnight blue?Stichy and I talked about this a few months ago: http://www.styleforum.net/t/375309/noodles-good-natured-advice-thread/9050_50#post_7266983I could say the same about some of your dashing tweeds no hateeveryone's entitled to opinions
send it to me noodles i'll pay for shipping and you won't have to waste money on a servicing at tag heuer just get a new one instead! win win situation
^ It's probably broken. You should send it to me for proper disposal
crusty is that a sack suit?
The dreaded navy blue odd trousers
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