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I need an EG Piccadily @in stitches will you buy me one? kthanks
I hate chiseled loafers like the St Tropez Loafers are round toe or bust EG Piccadily Marlow Alden Copley last
I thought you don't wear jawnz, stitchy?Also, Iron Hearts are way too heavy for everyday wear. You'll be sweating like crazy
The Formosa quarters are way better than those Eidos. Just my preference.
I'll bite too:To @Monkeyface: I don't think a lower button point would work on Vox's build. It already seems to be at the narrowest part of his waist. All of his suits seem to have that button point, and I find it hard to second-guess NSM...Also, the wider sleeves are characteristic on Neapolitan jackets. I believe that is a NSM suit...
For any of our non American members:
i thinkthatthis groupingsums upold vs. newSF membershipOld Guard: T4 and CompanyNew Guard: Noodles and Company!!!!!@The Noodles
Focus on fit!Posting oddly-angled pictures and asking "does this fit?" isn't a very efficient method of determining fitYou need to deal with hard numbersSrs, go into your local CVS and get one of these in the shoe repair section. Take it to the store next time to measure the chest, shoulders, etc
Kulata is right Those lapels are bowing = too tight of chest Did you measure the p2p?
Noodles you're wearing SCs to work now?!?!?
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