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Oh snap.
More enormous tie knots and shiny material. Is this a French thing?
@DonRaphael try Polo preston cut
Such awful dialogue "You really made a new dinosaur?" "Bad idea." "It's highly intelligent. It will kill anything that moves." "Depends what kind of Dino they cooked up in that lab" Don't get me started on that cheesy looking CGI. Look how shitty the gate looks and how shitty that aquatic Dino looks
Wow now I think JW looks like a steaming turd... Trailer was terrible
No love for AMC?
Is it a French thing to knot your tie so large like in these pics?Can't stand those shiny yellow silk fabrics. They look like they came out of the Countess Mara or Brunello Piatelli bargain binThere really is no such thing as a good yellow tie IMO@in stitches
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