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@The Noodles Nothing wrong with patch pockets or besom/jetted pockets... Nothing wrong with flannel either. And the weather is getting cold! Perfect time to be getting it Stop being a pussy and buy that suit from @Murlsquirl
Looks like they've rebranded as "Yorkshire Fabrics." Also put up a standalone site at: https://www.yorkshirefabric.com/
I've heard Meermin has quality control issues, but they have nice lasts. (If you have a standard width foot) @Betelgeuse Herring Shoes are also nice. I believe they are Loake made? You can also look for AE's on discount. Can be found for $250
kinda like IM3?
Rambo will find a way to complain about this on opening day in his criticism on the script
Up for sale is an incredible Samuelsohn sportcoat in true size 42R. It is tagged a size 40R, but runs large, and fits like a true size 42R. (See measurements below) Follow the eBay link for detailed information, measurements and pictures. You can make a purchase through the eBay website or directly from me through Paypal. eBay auction and link: coming soon I have excellent feedback here $425 shipped CONUS $399 shipped CONUS $385 shipped CONUS $365 shipped...
1st form looks like a possessed Iron Legion member...
News this morning was that the AOU trailer was coming out on the 28th... It leaked just now HULK BUSTER @RFX45 @Jr Mouse http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x28ga2t_os-vingadores-2-a-era-de-ultron-trailer-oficial_shortfilms
@Isolation this is essential reading for pants fit. If you read what the authors have to say and look at the pictures, then compare to your pants, you will see what is wrong http://www.styleforum.net/t/177616/on-pants/0_50 http://www.styleforum.net/t/315238/gaping-pockets
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