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@gdl203 what would be the starting price for a Formosa SC?
looks fine as a suitCan't speak to the quality of the fabric.
teh sarcastic? that's pretty standard iGent widsom I just provided. Copied verbatim from Manton
@luv2breformed http://www.styleforum.net/t/71198/the-amazing-blazer-suit
luv, no on the suit separates. Too worsted and shiny. Shouldnt be used interchaneably as a blazer You need a fresco, hopsack, etc or something with texture. No fine worsteds
@gdl203 could you do CMT?Been thinking about doing a couple bespoke jackets from travelling tailors, but honestly a MTM Formosa would probably fit just as well
So are you selling all of your suits or just the grey Zegna? The latter option would make very much sense since it's your best fitting suit... I think I'm about to give up on giving suit advice to noodles.... he doesn't want to hear it, regardless of the true measurements. Anything "38r" and he's set on that already. Noodles, if you're keeping that navy zegna in 38, then facepalm
The cut of the Zegna and Formosa is still not skin tight. Rudals seems to like his jackets so tight that the lapels bow. (Hence why he think he looks better in 38R... facepalm)38R is some kind of magic number to noodles. It represents the pinnacle of "fitness" or something to him. Anything over that number is "fat"
What the ephh @Rudals? If you didn't like the cut of the grey zegna suit and thought it was "too baggy," you're DEFINITELY not going to like a Formosa. Neither is skin tight like you say you prefer...
noodles, buying that light colored Westbourne makes little sense given your color preferences. You said you don't like the color grey and other light colors? And are buying all navyand charcoal suits from here on out? If so do not buy those wesbournes
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