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^ You have some decent ties and some ugly ties in that mix. Could you please post some bigger pictures that are properly rotated? Too much work to view those.
Move over, Rudals, there's a new project in town.
Well it looks like they still have it on the Drakes site. Get another!Who'd you sell it to? I didn't know you were active on B&S. Luxeswap?
You're in good company. @SpooPoker
+1Must be difficult to get the tie wrinkles to release, no? I tie fairly tight, shaped knots and noticed that they take about 3-4 days to flatten out on my tie rack
This. I don't know much about PS's but that looks like a cold weather sqaur to me
w00t!!! that is sex!!!! Great collection I can see the green Shibumi One thing I think you need to get over is your dislike of stripes...
Noodles are you unable to button all of your shirts? What the heck is going on with the top button on all of them?
I love those button fixer things. I can't wait to use mine on my next poppped shirt button.
New Posts  All Forums: