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I was browsing the Tweed Appreciation thread and came across this picture from @Isolation Two stylistic changes I'd make to make the jacket better (fit/cut issues aside) 1). Darker blue tweed. I have a swatch of this Dugdale tweed in my collection and I find it to be much too light. There are too many white threads in it. Almost appears "sky blue." Can't pair it with many trousers Something more along these lines would be better Lovat Kirkton 2). Replace...
I'd return it. Or if you want, you can have a good tailor pin it to make sure it doesn't throw off the balance
Alright @PDandG and @PiCcolocV. Green it is CLICK THE IMAGES FOR BIGGER, ZOOMABLE VERSIONS: GREEN Grey pants (with bonus charcoal) Tan pants Denim
I might add that whatever shirt OP is getting from CEGO is bound to be MUCH better quality than whatever foreign sweatshop OP is using to "clone" said shirt You get what you pay for
I don't think anyone in this thread is suggesting that OP is not entitled to do whatever he wants with the shirts.Making this thread was bad form.
Awful quiet around here...I'm taking nominations for what color should be next... @DonRaphael
All soporific except the tartan
Was about to faint when I saw this listing was sold. Then I realized it was too tight for me in the chest. Phew. Still beautiful!
I liked your hot noodle joke....
Up for sale is a new-with-tags Tom Ford tie. 100% silk. Made in Italy to the highest standards. It measures 59.25 inches in length, and 3.6 inches at the widest point. This is a much nicer width compared to many of the more recent TF ties that are extremely wide (4.0+ inches wide) The woven silk material is SUPER THICK. It weighs in at 3.4 oz, which is a lot for a silk tie. Ties a GREAT knot. The colors are rust/orange and black. $99 shipped CONUS Add $10 for...
New Posts  All Forums: