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The post on the ASW site says that the blog is being relocated to the site and that Will will continue to write.Where does he say that the blog will solely be plugs for the goods he sells?
Well, yah it's in the movie. I saw the pics of the Falcon under the tarp.I'm asking if it's going to be revealed in the last 10 seconds. Very trailer specific question
I feel like there's a strong chance that there won't be any lens flare in the movie or trailer.Abrams may have to omit it because it doesn't fit the aesthetic of the original trilogy. This movie is supposed to be about practical effects, more focused storyline etc. Lens flare would stick out like a sore thumb. People would also deride it as a rehash of the ST movies...Maybe wishful thinking...
Full answers please. Making this a competition
Anyone want to place bets on the SW trailer? Let's see who can get the most answers correct about the trailer. 7 questions for Episode 7 1). Will the trailer make reference to Luke going missing? 2). Will the trailer make reference to Luke's severed hand? 3). Will Hoth make an appearance? 4). Tatooine? 5). Dagobah? 6). Will the trailer climax with a shot of the Millenium Falcon? (last 10 seconds - "big reveal") 7). Will there be lens flare in the trailer?
I think Superman should win handily when part 4 comes out... Superman will just leave Hulk/Banner adrift in space, and return to Earth. KO
How much money will 60+ million Youtube views net a channel owner? That's how many views the 3 vids have...
Pretty insane what he did:
Saw that. Great production quality. Reminds me of the Superman v Hulk vids @Jr Mouse @Neo_Version 7@RFX45 @willy cheesesteak @El Argentino have u seen these? They're done by a single animator. Takes about a year to make a 2-3 min video. He's working on part 4 now...
@jefferyd on the TF buttonholes: http://tuttofattoamano.blogspot.com/search/label/Tom%20Ford
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